TGNBK Championships & My Bros.


Full Metal Ell’s facebook.

Ell’s Other Pages

History Students and Enthusiasts
I study History at the University of Edinburgh, and the writing style influences a lot of my other endeavors. If you are interested in History (of any kind, everyone is welcome) then please join this facebook group. I hope to build up a worldwide network who can help each other out with essays, exams or even just personal interest.

The League of Extraordinary Atheists
I am also an “Atheist”. My Belief is that we cannot possibly know if there is a God, and we most certainly do not know what such an entity would “want”. I oppose every religion. You can be good without god, and it’s much better to be good simply because you are a moral person as opposed to simply being good because you fear God. Again, everyone is welcome, and we invite debates.

Chat Shit About Wrestling
Another facebook group, but this time dedicated to discussing wrestling. If you are a fan, please get involved. If you are a fan of this sort of thing, then this facebook page is also run by a bunch of the guys in CSAW.
Pro Wrestling Memes

Basement Born
This is my ridiculous Brutal Death Metal project. Nothing’s really happening yet, but i have an EP written, so hopefully shit will be going on soon!

Our Brothers in Promotion

The Monolith
IICJZII Metal Promotion
Booze, Beats & Bites
Heavy Metal Hitman
Heavy Blog Is Heavy
No Clean Singing
Dipole Promotions

Graphic Designers

Dead Crown Design


Agonised Deformity – Brutal Death Metal
Party Cannon – Slam/Death Metal
Cemetery Rapist – Pornogrind/Slam
Anencephalic – Brutal Death Metal/ Slam
Laceration – Brutal Death Metal


Bleeding Skies – Djent/ Progressive
Entrosolet – Djent/ Progressive
Sectioned – Djent/Progressive/tech
Rise With Honour – Djent/Progressive
Sithu Aye – Instrumental Progressive/Djent
BURN the Water – Progressive Death Metal/ Groove
Tradjectory – Tech/djent/ Groove
Dan Dankmeyer – Progressive/Djent
Encircle – Progressive
Returning We Hear The Larks – Progressive/Ambient/Djent
After Every Gunshot – Progressive/Groove/Death Metal


Final Silence – Metal/hardcore/metalcore
Exigency – Metalcore
Colours to Shame – Metal/hardcore
Crysis – Groove Metal
Collapse – Groove Metal
Virtues – Hardcore/ Metal/ Groove
Magoa – Groove metal
Trepalium – Progressive Metal/ Groove
KLONE – Progressive metal/Groove
From Sorrow To Serenity – Progressive/Groove


The .invalid – Aggressive Electronic


Atragon – Doom
Elm Street – Heavy Metal
Neverworld – Heavy Metal


Liam Barker – Ambient/Orchestral


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