A Thank You Note.


Well, guys. This is it. Remember when i mentioned that TGNBK was going to be incorporated into a larger media site? Well the time has come, and i am delighted to announce that i am now a writer for The Monolith, a fantastic website that covers a very wide range of articles, features and other endeavors. They have a website much snazzier than this one, with extra perks for members! The members fee is super reasonable, so i urge as many of you guys to sign up as possible. Members can win things (FREE SHIT, BITCHES), gain early access to some releases in addition to lots of other exclusive content.


So now, i would like to thank all of you guys for sticking with me over the course of this blog. It grew, it gained recognition in the eyes of some very influential characters, and i made some fantastic friends. I actually think i have made more friends through this blog than in any other aspect of my life. Even if this blog introduced me to the insufferable dickhead that is Mike Rees, i’ll let that one slide. Hate that guy. Worst guy ever. ❤

This blog inadvertently introduced me to my beautiful girlfriend, who i have just stolen from London town. Hemma is now living with me in glorious Scotland, and i may never have met her if i had not started up this blog and started making friends outside of my local area. So yeah, this blog got me laid.

I would also like to thank the many wonderful people involved with this blog, be it my writers, fellow bloggers or bands. All of you have been great, and i will continue to work with you in the future, just hit me up.

I really hope all the fans and friends of this blog will continue to read my work with the Monolith, and my other endeavors, which are listed below. Please get involved with these projects if you are interested.

The Monolith facebook page – give us a like!

Fiction Writer Collective – a group for those who want to write fiction. I also urge artists who like to draw fictional characters and the like to join too.

Traveller Tumblr – here is where i shall post updates on my sci fi novel, as well as other writing exercises and ideas. Not much there yet, but soon.

History Students and Enthusiasts – We aim to help those who are writing essays, doing exams or those who are just interested.

Chat Shit about Wrestling – a group that discusses professional wrestling and the sort.

Chat Shit about Vidya – like the above group, only with video games.

IICJZII Promotions – i help out on this promotions page for bands.

In addition to these groups and pages, i will be starting up a Scottish Promotions plan which aims to provide an all-inclusive guide to EVERYTHING about Scottish Metal. If this sounds interesting to you, then you can read more about it in this article. Additionally, contact me if you wish to help out as i am eager to build up a team for this job.


So, as of now, this blog is inactive. It has been incorporated into the Monolith’s myriad of blogs. If you want to hear more from me, then i will continue to post my new articles on TGNBK’s facebook, but they will also be posted on the Monolith. Thanks for reading guys, and thanks for sticking with me, despite me clearly being both a terrible person and a terrible writer.



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