5 Kickass Live Shows (That Are Free To View On Youtube)


Good morrow, The Great Northern Bloglings. I bring fair tidings. Within the electric realm of Youtube, there be many glories!

I don’t know about you, but i spend a lot of time aimlessly browsing through the related videos on youtube. I begin with playing a stupid video or something and i end up trawling through the six degrees of separation that tie videos of Mordin Solus dancing to soul music with videos of obese men-children throwing their xboxes at passing cars.

For this pleasure, we must give thanks to the gods of the internet. Namely The Bird of  Hash Tagg(not very important, all that is required is to sum up a statement in 140 characters to please him); The Book of Faces (The evil god who preys upon the mind and time of many people); Yuutuub (the god of videos and cats, for obvious reasons – although has recently acquired sloths and Rick Astley) and of course, our great leader who is neither good nor evil, simply information; Lord Gügel.

Praise Be to Gügel.

On my journeys through the virtual realm, i have come across several kickass live shows. So i thought i’d bring you 5 to check out. You may already know these are available, but for those of you who don’t then i hope this article is a pleasant surprise for you. Or maybe i’ll remind you that these exist, and it will make your day that little bit brighter as you go about your meaningless business. Or whatever. I need gratification for doing what i’m doing, love me.


Now many people seem to dislike Rammstein these days. Fuck knows why, as i think they are one of the few bands that manage to pull off this kind of thing. Till Lindemann has 2 rules.

1. If it’s not on fire, it should be.

2. Don’t take anything seriously, unless it’s on fire.

And Rammstein has had a long history of not giving a fuck. I respect that in a band. I recently missed these guys play Download, as a result of being a broke ass punk. I would have loved to have seen them live, but it looks like i’m going to have to wait. But this video is the next best thing, as their songs hold up very well in the live environment (which is mostly on fire). Whether you are a fan of the band or not, you can’t deny how well they command the stage. I personally love their little grooves too. And Mein Teil is heavy as fuck.


Here is one of the few bands who have managed to be consistently good throughout their career. Every single album has at least a handful of noteworthy songs, and their live shows are always jam packed with their best. I have been a long time fan of this band as well, since i first discovered them in about 2005. Lost to Apathy was the first song i heard and i couldn’t get enough of it, nor the rest of that album. I believe “Am I 1?” to be one of the best melodic death metal songs ever written.

They too do well in the live setting, as illustrated by this particular concert, which is spectacular. Everyone is on top form, and the crowd participate a lot more than usual. Get in there.


There is little to be said about a Napalm Death live show. Mostly because you can’t breathe as a result of the sheer fucking atmosphere. Especially this era of ND. This band is energy incarnate and 99% of the time they are just piling out as much intense power as they can in as short a time as possible. 24 second songs hit you as hard as a 5 minute one would.

This band manages to leave you lying on the floor as if you’ve just endured some horrific torture session, yet yearning for more.


The show kicks off with some green goblin boobs. Yeah. That’s one way to catch peoples attention, i guess. But strippers from Mordor aside, this show is one of the greatest live shows to ever take place on this dying planet. The first growl is also the greatest growl in death metal. You’ll know it when you hear it. These guys display a magnificent progressive death metal machine, with incredibly tight riffing, stellar drumming, bass flabberdashery and vocals so brutal that you want to go back in time and rape yourself with a rake.

I can’t put into words how fantastic this show is. You need only to click and see for yourself.


Many of you know my Devin fanboyism, and therefore i need give no justification for why this is number 1. It is a brilliant show, with a glorious atmosphere, with generous lols and some very powerful tunes. I am consistently impressed with Devin’s live performances, having seen him live on a few occasions now as well as witnessing many recorded videos.

It isn’t brutal, but beautiful – however that doesn’t mean it isn’t a heavy experience. Hopefully i don’t need to explain the prowess of Mr. Townsend. Please, Enjoy.

Thanks for reading this article, fare thee well, followers.



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