I’m Back. Kind of.


Ok guys, i am back, for the most part. Allow me to explain my absence.

1. University – i had a fuck ton of essays to do and not a lot of time to do them. It was not fun.
2. I have been ill for months, and i’m still not entirely better.
3. Then i had University exams, and a decent amount of them. Which i did fairly badly in, as a result of the illness.
4. Moving house. I am currently at my parents house, waiting to sign the lease for my new Edinburgh flat.

So yeah, that’s why this blog has been horrendously inactive. I’ll be surprised if i have any fans left. So that brings me to the current state of affairs, in which i shall look to the future!

“Look over there! It’s the future!”

So here’s the deal. There’s gonna be a bunch of changes in the near future, involving this blog and several other projects i am attempting. And seeing as some people are interested, and i want to hear some feedback, i thought i would run it past you guys.

Firstly, the medium through which my glorious writing skills reaches your hungry eyes shall be altered. TGNBK as a whole will become a separate entity as a part of a much larger, more inclusive site. This means i will have a larger reach and will be able to do my job as a promoter more effectively. More details on this shall emerge as time goes on, as i have not fully decided on when this is going to happen.

Secondly, i am beginning a much more localized project in the form of a Scottish promotions website. My plan is to create a website that provides a wide, all-encompassing medium for everything to do with the Scottish music scene. This site will have an all-inclusive list of every metal gig in Scotland, from big mainstream tours to local underground death metal gigs. Every metal gig in any town in Scotland that i know of, will be on this site. Anyone who organises tours or puts on one off gigs can just send me across the details and it will be on this site. Wondering what gigs are on in the future? Check this fucking site. It’s meant to make everything easy as fuck for everyone.

This website will also cater towards helping bands as much as possible. There will be a separate page with links to as many Scottish bands as humanly possible, for promotional purposes, including their contact details so tour bookers can just look through the list of bands and contact anyone they think would be suitable. Again, this is simply to make everything easier for everyone, because i know how fucking ridiculous it is to trawl through the fetid crevasses of the internet to find the contact details for a random ass slam band.

On top of this, there will be another page with a list of venues in Scotland, with links and contact details. Another page with promoters, links and contact details. Artwork designers, with links and contact details. Pretty much anything, with links and details. So if you want AAAAANYTHING to do with Scottish metal, this website will have it in an easy as fuck layout for your convenience.

Now this project is hopefully going to have quite an impact on the scene, if all goes as planned, so i am looking for people to help me out with this. If anyone at all is interested in helping me design this site and run it, then please get in contact. I may involve some stuff about other countries, but it will be mostly localised to Scotland. It’s not a reviews website or anything like that. There may be a few articles about the local Scottish scene, but i will not be doing any articles like i do for TGNBK. Please get in contact if you are interested. I believe it will be very beneficial to Scottish promoters and international promoters trying to put on gigs in Scotland. And it will all be free, because i’m a fucking stand up guy.

Thirdly, i’m writing a fucking sci fi novel. Yeah, no shit. Believe it or not, i do attempt to write seriously sometimes, and although i am terrible at everything, i do have some good ideas floating around inside my head. It would be nice to see how they turn out. I am considering releasing the first segment of my sci fi epic online for free, as the first story arc is not quite long enough to be a full book, but too long to be an “episode” of sorts.

It follows the story of a man from Earth who finds himself in a situation where he is entirely alone in the vast expanses of space, and he has to come to terms with this fact. However, not all is as it seems and he has to fight his way through some unenviable circumstances in order to emerge on the other side as a completely changed man…with new challenges. This tale will fluctuate between several genres such as survival-horror, political drama, sci fi epic and fantasy.

Maybe it’ll be terrible. Maybe not. If i release the first arc for free, then you’ll find out. A few people have shown interest in it so far, and i would love to hear if anyone else is. Please, let me know. Anyway, it’s called…


That’s all i have to discuss for now. Hopefully i can do some more reviews in the near future, perhaps once i am settled into my flat. I will keep you updated on the changes to the blog. Thanks for sticking with me for so long guys. I hope to hear from you soon.

Your humble host,

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