Have Goat, Will Rage

SmackTalk! With Rick Foley

Hello again Ladies and Gentleman and welcome to another edition of SmackTalk! As was last weeks edition, this week will also be a little bit different. Joining me on commentary is my good friend Jennifer. Matches for the evening included:

  1. Kane versus WWE Tag Team Champion Seth Rollins
  2. WWE Tag Team Champion Roman Reigns versus Daniel Bryan
  3. Curtis Axel versus Sin Cara
  4. Big E Langston versus Alberto Del Rio
  5. Ryback versus Kofi Kingston
  6. Chris Jericho versus Cody Rhodes
  7. Randy Orton versus United States Champion Dean Ambrose

Kane def. WWE Tag Team Champion Seth Rollins

 Since Team Hell No failed to regain their Tag Team Championships on Monday Night Raw,  they engaged in singles competition with the New Tag Team Champions with Kane going to battle with Seth Rollins. What I liked about the opening is that there was no talking, the show was kicked off with a match instead. While I was intently focused on how Seth Rollins targeted Kane’s left leg, my broadcast colleague insisted on paying attention to how nice Rollins’ legs were. She further stated that her lover, Dean Ambrose had nicer legs. After hitting a stalling suplex, Kane went for a rear naked choke, but Rollins was able to escape, continuing his assault on Kane’s left leg.  Kane was able to come back by using Rollins own momentum against him as he body slammed Rollins to the mat. As the action spilled into the corner, Kane and Rollins jockeyed for position, and Kane ultimately won that battle, following it up with his patented Flying Clothesline. Before Kane could capitalize, Roman Reigns appeared on the apron to distract Kane. This set Rollins up to sneak attack Kane with a kick just as he turned around. As Rollins went to the top rope to do some more damage, Daniel Bryan pushed him down from the turnbuckle and Kane picked up the victory with a thunderous chokeslam.

WWE Tag Team Champion Roman Reigns def. Daniel Bryan via Disqualification

  Almost immediately following the battle between Kane and Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan entered the ring to begin their war. As you can guess, Daniel Bryan’s offense was a barrage of kicks against the bigger man in Roman Reigns. Reigns used his strength to keep Bryan at bay, but at one point in the match Bryan looked to be unstoppable. He even put Roman Reigns in a Figure Four Leg Lock hold and began to rain down on him with nasty elbow strikes. My broadcast colleague Jennifer has a penchant for bearded men. As Bryan laid down his assault, she said “Goat face, I don’t think that name really fits Bryan very well. it should be sexy face.” Sexy face or Goat face, it was not enough to keep The Shield from scheming their way to a victory. After rolling through a crucifix pin attempt, Roman Reigns found himself in Daniel Bryan’s “No!” Lock. He clawed and scratched his way to the ropes, and as the referee had his back turned, Rollins pushed the rope towards Reigns so that Bryan would half to break the hold. Kane rushed over to Rollins and knocked him down and then Reigns had struck Kane in the face. Kane responded by throat chopping Reigns. This effectively ended the match and now The Shield were tied 1-1 on the night. Kane and Daniel Bryan argued as they left the ring.

Sheamus takes Damien Sandow’s Thimblerig Challenge

For another week, Damien Sandow’s games with the Celtic Warrior Sheamus continued. This time Sheamus was asked to find a ball that was hidden underneath three cups. Sandow would place the ball under one of the cups and switch them around…or so it seemed. As Sandow explained the rules, he demeaned the crowd. After he attempted to find the ball that was hidden under the cups, Sheamus had asked Sandow to remove his hand from the third cup to prove that he was cheating. When he had finally convinced Sandow to remove his hand, it was discovered that he was in fact lying. Sheamus responded with a rhyme: “Look here at Damien Sandow, so proud and so quick. A perfect target for a Brogue Kick.”  After which,  Sheamus delivered said Brogue Kick and in mocking fashion he said “You’re Welcome.” My broadcast colleague Jennifer chimed in about the various Sonic Shake references as well as her interest, and I quote “I wonder if Sandow would like to try my sonic shake. I’d like to play Damien Sandow’s tiny ball game.” Yes Ladies and Gentlemen, we are very colorful at the Blogkill.

Curtis Axel def. Sin Cara

For the second week in a row, Sin Cara faced off against Pay Heyman’s newest client, Curtis Axel. Although Sin Cara started off with a series of arm drags and kicks to Axel’s body, it ended shortly after with Axel elbowing Sin Cara in the back of his skull and putting him away with the Perfect Plex. When asked for her opinion on Axel, she didn’t say much except that Axel needed to work on his beard.

Big E Langston def. Alberto Del Rio

Before this match got started, Jennifer and I took the time to demean the value of A.J., saying that she has the frame of a 12 year old girl and isn’t that appealing. The action started with a waist-lock from Big E Langston to Alberto Del Rio, which led to a spot in the corner where Del Rio tried to fight back. After a few minutes, Big E went in for a Belly-To-Belly suplex and then pulled down his straps, signifying the end for Del Rio. Del Rio was able to reverse and hit the Back Stabber instead, but when he went for the Inziguri, he missed. As Del Rio went for a German Suplex, Jennifer shouted “He’s in the wrong country. THIS IS AMERICA GET ZEB COULTER OUT HERE.” Del Rio snapped on the Cross Arm breaker as he hung onto the ropes, but had to break the hold before the count of 5 so that he would not be disqualified. After he released, A.J. raked Del Rio’s eyes and this led Big E to drop the #1 Contender for the World Heavyweight Championship with the Big Ending, and the victory.

Ryback def. Kofi Kingston

Ryback was as hungry as ever in his hunt for the WWE Championship, so before he would destroy Kofi Kingston, he would look under the ring for what turned out to be tables later. When I was wondering what he was looking for, Jennifer responded with “He’s looking for Randy Orton’s lines.” Though Kofi Kingston got off to a hot start, using his usual offense of high-flying moves and kicks, it was all over with a Meathook Clothesline. Ryback then ended the match by Shellshocking Kofi for the win. He wasn’t finished with Kingston though. He went back under the ring and pulled three tables out from under it. (Jennifer: Table, meaning Randy’s lines, and A.J’s talent.) He used the tables to Powerbomb Kingston right through them. Sending a message to John Cena in the process.

Chris Jericho def. Cody Rhodes

This match began with the traditional collar and elbow tie-up that led into a waist lock and a drop kick from Chris Jericho to Cody Rhodes. When I pointed out that Jericho’s chest was a bit droopy, Jennifer responded by saying that it comes with age, to which I said “He’ll be like Ric Flair in no time.”  The action spilled back into the ring and Rhodes stomped on Jericho’s chest, but he was able to get back up and the two men traded chops, but Rhodes gained the upper hand after he had booted Jericho in his midsection. Jericho was able to fight back and deliver a few shoulder tackles, but when he went for the Walls of Jericho, Rhodes fought out. Rhodes went on to drop Jericho with an Alabama Slam, but Jericho kicked out. After Jericho kicked out, Rhodes attempted to go for the Disaster Kick but Jericho dodged and got Rhodes into the Walls of Jericho successfully, scoring the submission victory.

Randy Orton def. United States Champion Dean Ambrose via Disqualification

For the Main Event of the evening, we saw The Viper Randy Orton face the freshly-crowned United States Champion and recognized Shield Leader Dean Ambrose clash in a match that showed similarities between these two wrestlers. Jennifer could hardly contain herself, saying “Dean Ambrose can stare me down any day. He should be wearing less clothes. Preferably none. MR. MOXLEY! I’M TALKING TO YOU. DON’T IGNORE ME!” All of this as the two men exchanged menacing looks. The two men locked up, and Ambrose seized control by getting Orton into the corner. Ambrose proceeded to to run Orton’s head across the ring ropes, but Orton fought back with a clothesline as well as a series of punches and a vertical suplex. Back into the corner they went, with Ambrose getting in some shoulder barges and fists. The action spilled to the outside after Orton had shot back with a Thesz Press. Orton clotheslined Ambrose a few times and dropped him on the barricade, Back-first. Ambrose responded by running Orton into the steel steps. The action eventually spilled back into the ring and Ambrose was stomping on Orton’s body, just as he had done to so many people in the past. Ambrose also took the time to talk to Orton as he stomped away. Orton came back with a series of European Uppercuts and a backdrop suplex. The two men traded fists and even headbutts, and Orton seized control with a Powerslam. As Orton attempts a Rope-hung DDT, Ambrose slips out and goes to the top rope for an aerial assault, but Orton catches him with a dropkick and capitalizes with a rope-hunt DDT. As Ambrose escapes his fate, The Shield descends on the ring and begin to assault Orton. But he is not alone. Kane and Daniel Bryan rushed down to the ring and saved Orton. But most of the credit should be awarded to Daniel Bryan, as he cleared the ring with his series of missile dropkicks, Bryan flew to the outside to crush The Shield further. Smackdown went off the air with Orton, Kane and Daniel Bryan celebrating their accomplishment.

As always, thanks for taking the time to read this article! It is a little different from those written in the past so please work with me as I experiment with new methods over the next few articles. If you liked this article, let us know by commenting on and rating this article. If you would like to join our Internet Wrestling Community, you can do so by going Here!           



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