Wardrum: Desolation Review

Hailing from Greece, Wardrum are another band who really should have made my recent NWOTHM article. Unfortunately they have only just come to my attention in the last couple of weeks. But thank God they have! Wardrum are one of those bands who have absolutely everything. Their second album ‘Desolation’ (their first with new singer Yannis Papadopoulos) is a stunning example.
Essentially a traditional metal band, they also manage to effortlessly weave progressive and power influences throughout their music.
Everything about this album oozes awesome. Stergios Kourou is the Wardrum machine behind the sticks and his drum work is something to behold. A very interesting sticksman indeed. Incredible fills and passion. On guitar we have Kosta ‘The Greek God’ Vreto!
This guy is so good i’m surprised his fretboard doesn’t burst into flames while he’s playing! The bass guitars are provided by Kostas Scandalis. Now anyone who can keep up with a guitar player like Kosta gets a thumbs up from me! If Kosta is the lightning, Kostas is definitely the thunder! Completing the line up we have Yannis Papadopoulos. This dude is very, very special and the icing on the cake for Wardrum. His power and range are a match for anybody. I’m under no illusions here. Yannis is one of the best vocalists out there right now and he’s only 21 years old!
‘Desolation’ is a fantastic showcase of Wardrums abilities. It’s an outstanding collection of songs, all killer and certainly no filler!
The songs ‘F.A.I.T.H’, ‘Rainy Day’ and ‘Sign Of Treason’ are my stand out tracks but i think ‘Desolation’ will appeal to all fans of Crimson Glory, Symphony X, Lost Horizon, Helloween and traditional heavy metal in general.
Phenomenal band, phenomenal album! Buy it now!!!
5 stars
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