Recent Rundown: Starring Amon Amarth, Mask Of Judas, Acrania, Erlen Meyer and No Consequence!


Once again i have been inactive for quite some time. The usual excuses, university etc. You know the drill. Anyway, i have returned from the abyss to spew forth yet more meaningless drivel. So what’s been happening then? Well here’s a bunch of random ass updates on some random ass bands. Let’s start big.


It’s that time again, folks! New Amon Amarth time! It’s good that these guys have kept a relatively regular schedule when it comes to releasing new material, so you are never waiting too long to get your epic viking fix. Now, i’m not gonna lie to you. It’s the same shit all over again. But you know what? That’s exactly what you want from the bearded norsemen. You expect epic harmonies. Tremolo riffs everywhere. Lyrics about Thor fucking someone up with his hammer. Well, they deliver once again.

We are introduced to the track with some epic harmonies, in the usual Amon Amarth fashion – before erupting into the tremolo riff that we all knew was coming. Johan Hegg graces us with his marvelous talents as both a death metal vocalist and Scandinavian demigod. I swear his beard hair seeps out of the speakers whenever i listen to them. It’s eerie.

Overall Verdict: Kickass, as usual. Go pillage somewhere in celebration.


Female fronted tech-metal, anyone? I am glad to see more and more female fronted death metal bands cropping up these days. Mask of Judas deliver on all counts, anyway – there are some fantastic, technical riffs spazzing out all over the joint, with some jagged rhythms and powerful drumming. Jo Challen belts out some guttural lows and screeching highs. In my opinion, she sounds like a heavier Angela Gossow, which is saying something. But on top of that, there are some epic cleans, showing a dynamic vocal style. It may not be everyones cup of tea, but i thoroughly recommend checking them out. They have a mini album coming out on April 29th and they are gracing the New Blood stage of Bloodstock festival this year!

Mask of Judas Facebook


Vote for them to play Download Festival!


Crushing heaviness and obscene brutality? Wees, brees and beeps? OK! The more extreme metal bands the better, and the UK underground scene is going fucking crazy these days. Some unfathomably heavy bands have begun springing up all over the place, and that’s just what we need. These guys pile out some ear splitting riffs, complete with epic solos and double bass that bends you over and rapes you in half. I’ve not managed to catch these guys live yet but hopefully they’ll come up to Scotland in the next little while. Hint Hint.

Acrania Facebook


Vote for them to play Download Festival! (You can vote more than once, for different bands)


French Sludge metallers Erlen Meyer are releasing an “emotionally desolate” full length via shelsmusic soon, and to build up some excitement for that they’ve released a music video for their track Agatha. Said music video was produced by Cult of Luna’s Magnus Lindberg, which indicates the kind of pull these guys have.

There are some glorious…or rather, unglorious (what’s the opposite of glorious?), doomy riffs with some incredible punch ripping into you like a wall of despair. It’s like a pile of sludge. Sludge is the most aptly named genre. Because sludge just sounds like sludge. I also enjoy saying sludge. It’s such a…sludgy word. Sludge as a word also sounds like sludge. My linguistic analysis aside, this 8 minute monster looms over you like godzilla with elephantitis.

I would recommend just immersing yourself in this song for the next 8 minutes. Soak it in. It’s very good.


Official Website


Just when we thought we had heard the last of insane tech-metallers No Consequence, they rise from their ashes and hit us with something new, taking almost all of us completely by surprise. It was like being hit by a place in your basement, we just didn’t see it coming at all. Basick Records continues to throw out incredible bands.

And we are not disappointed. The first riff is all out madness, paired with some eclectic singing and rapidly shifting rhythms. But you can’t escape the groove hidden among the dissonance and heaviness. Some outstanding melody seeps through as well. This is my favourite track to date by these tech-tyrants.

Welcome back, we missed you.

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