Bakken to the Future: Reviewing Bakken!

I recently did an article for The Great Northern BlogKill all about the New Wave Of Traditional Heavy Metal. If only i’d been aware of Bakken then! They would have definitely made the list. I’m not a big fan of comparing bands with other bands but i’m gonna do it here to give you a rough idea of this Northern Irish quintets sound. Imagine Helloween fronted by James Hetfield and your in the right ball park. Bakken aren’t an out and out power metal band by any stretch but they do have these little breakouts which are really classy. For a band that’s only been around for 2 years i’m really impressed with the maturity of their song writing. These guys know how to put a great song together. The musicianship on offer here is also of a tremendous standard. An awesome pounding rhythm section is complimented with some great guitar work. All the solos are well constructed and played with emotion. They get extra marks for keeping the sweep picking down to a bare minimum! As for the vocals i think these guys are quite unique in the traditional metal sense. No high pitched screams here. Just raw, gruff and powerful. The singer certainly reminds me of James Hetfield and maybe Ricky Warick too but maybe with a bit more range.
All in all the 8 songs on Bakken’s debut ‘Death Of A Hero‘ are a pleasure to listen to. There’s a great use of melody and aggression throughout and i think these guys would really appeal to fans of the traditional, power and thrash genres. My top 3 tracks off the album i suggest you have a listen to are ‘The Cursed’, ‘Back To The Future’ and ‘Voyage Of Aodh’. This is top stuff and highly recommended. I’m looking forward to hearing what these guys do next. I give these guys 4 out of 5 stars.
4 stars

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