Engaged: Reviewing Killswitch Engage – Disarm the Descent



I awoke to some fantastic news today. The new Killswitch Engage album, “Disarm The Descent” was made available for streaming. I pressed the play button with so much excitement that I practically broke the screen. Adam D and the gang are back with crushing track after crushing track. This is probably their heaviest album ever. It took me by surprise. There are no fancy intros, synths, or pianos, it just goes right into the heaviness that we all know and love.

The second that the intro track “The Hell In Me” kicked in I could feel that this would be an instant classic. Metal was fun again. In an era where people argue more about what genre to assign a particular band to, this was an immediate refreshment. Each track is fast and riveting, yet unique in its own way. Everything that KSE does sets a trend in the industry.

Metal vocalists come a dime a dozen in the industry and only a certain few “get it”. Jesse Leach has an amazing quality to him. His lyrics are raw and aggressive . He can hit the highest highs, and the lowest lows. He’s a top tier songwriter, and doesn’t conform to the industry trends that many bands emulate in order to fit in. You can tell that this lineup is a cohesive unit and that they are having fun again. This notion was made apparent in their music video “In Due Time”.


Adam D’s production skills shine bright in their latest effort. The riffs are bright, the drums are full, and the vocals sound perfect. I would give 3 toes to have the genuine sound that Jesse Leach has mastered. The last self titled album sounded like a “safe” album. It sounded like an album that they needed to put out. It sounded like what they figured a KSE fan wanted to hear.

The void has been filled. Many people worried when Howard Jones left the band. People wrote off the band. A national search was conducted and only one winner was named. We all knew it. It was Jesse. It feels like he never left. It feels like they immediately picked up where they left off.

I am so excited to see what the future holds for Killswitch Engage. I look forward to seeing them on the summer circuit. You can pull up any cell phone video of KSE in the last year and you can hardly hear Jesse. Why? The crowd is so full of energy, and sing so loud, that you can hardly hear anything else. Only KSE can fill a room with that much energy.

Metal. It’s back. It’s fun to hear again. It isn’t complacent.

I give it 4/5.

4 stars

-Brian Storm

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