The New Grooves: Starring The Last Days of Mankind, Sloth Herder, Shattered Skies, Hey Vanity and Periphery


Well it’s been a while since i did a multiple band review, and this is because i haven’t been writing many articles recently. This is a result of Sky internet being an absolute pile of aborted monkey fetus’s. Now i am with TalkTalk, which is initially better. Let’s hope it stays that way.

Wish i got Virgin fibreoptic though…

Ok, so click on the pictures to be directly linked to their facebook, but links shall also be included at the end of each mini review.

These Londoners recently evolved from a one guitarist project into a full scale band. It’s good to make that change. It allows for more influences to be bounced off of each other and it usually heightens the overall experience and output. To show the evolution of this project, they released a single; Immolation and a B-Side; With Open Eyes.

Immolation is ethereal and floaty, with some pounding groovy sections. The instrumental technique is well practiced and smooth, with some interesting riffs and innovative ideas breaking through. It is all recorded beautifully too. I honestly wouldn’t be able to tell if the drums were real or programmed. It works very well.

With Open Eyes is slightly different, with a much heavier approach – but it still incorporates the tranquil, serene sections like in the previous song. The drumming is very good, weaving in and out of the rhythms erupting from the guitars, churning beneath the tasteful lead sections.

This is worth checking out. Make sure to keep updated on their various links. This single should be out soon.

Facebook Page


This one is a bit unusual, especially for me. These guys play a blackened grind band, and have affirmed my belief that black metal is only good when its an influence, rather than the actual main genre. Note that said MY BELIEF, before i get random Australian 14 year olds telling me to commit suicide again.

In case you couldn’t read the logo, these guys are Sloth Herder and have recently released this – Abandon Pop Sensibility. The first thing i noticed is that there is a degree of decent recording behind this release, which is rare in Grind and pretty much unheard of in Black Metal. It doesn’t have a meticulous, clinical level of recording perfection, but its miles better than even some of the larger Black metal bands like Darkthrone.

Regarding the actual music, it’s pretty intense, with some sluggish, crushing groovy sections and some blisteringly fast, all out insanity sections. The vocals are very black metal influenced, but the grind influence in there balances it out quite well. I also found that the riffs were very well structured and formed, rather than just thrown together in a mass, which tends to happen among a large amount of Grind bands.

I can hear a fair amount of sludge/stoner influence in there too. Particularly in Relapse/Reward.

Check out their various links!

Facebook Page

Bandcamp – Where this release and a few others are available for free


London based Prog-Metallers Shattered Skies recently released the above video. While i wasn’t initially keen on the vocal style, i realise i am more focused on the brutal side of metal, but it’s growing on me now. I particularly like the Pantera style riffing, fused with the proggy/djenty style. If James Monteith and Dimebag Darrell were to fuck then surely this would be the result. If such a thing were even possible, biologically. Or moral. He’s dead, James. Ew.

The groove in this thing is great, but it isn’t really a massive sounding, heavy groove – it’s more of a subtle groove, while being sporadically invaded by SikTh like erratic sections, old school riffage patterns and even a walking bass line, indicating some blues and jazz influence. Nice.

Check out their shit, yo.

Facebook Page

Bandcamp – The Reanimation EP is available for free, as well as a few other tracks for sale.


Youtube Channel

This is Hey Vanity. They are also quite different from my usual bands. These guys are a weird form of progressive rock, mixed with some alternative influences. They are mostly melodic, but they certainly have a degree of punch to them and their riffs are very interesting. While they aren’t exactly metal riffs, they have some progressive metal influences in there, definitely. The shreddy, open riff shows that they at least have some experience in the matter. There’s even something that sounds like a rocky breakdown. It’s actually very good, and i recommend checking them out regardless of your preconceptions.

Their EP “Breathe, Bleed, Grow” is due for release in the next few months. This is highly acclaimed, and features members of Fei Comodo – who were also apparently quite popular. Need to check em out.

Links n shit!

Official Website – Download Colours & Signs for free!

Facebook Page

Youtube Channel

Now for something that has been accumulating both a serious amount of love and a strange amount of hate online. The new Periphery video. Now i understand a lot of people were divided over the new album. I didn’t enjoy it as much as the first, but i did like it. However, now there is a further subdivision, where for some unfathomable reason, a bunch of people online have been going off their tits about the new video.

Since when was a music video such a big deal? I know hundreds of bands who i personally love, but release shit music videos. Why does it even matter? They’re musicians, not film makers.

And there is literally nothing wrong with the video. It is incredibly obvious that they are just fucking around, for fun. Which is EXACTLY what i would do if i was to make a music video. Here, check it out.

So yeah, it’s a little retarded. Ships shaped like condiments. Nolly’s superhuman powers. Misha’s face. But so what? I am personally glad its not just them standing in an abandoned warehouse (which is barely abandoned any more, seeing as any band ranging from punk to death metal have recorded all of their videos there) or some shit actor running away while the band play ominously in the background.

I will go as far as saying this is one of my favourite music videos. It’s delightfully light hearted and fun. I would definitely do this if i was in their position. Well done, guys.

Oh yeah, here’s some links. As if they need the promo, they’re pretty big now, but just in case.

Facebook Page

Merch Store

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