More Final Than Silent: New Final Silence Album


Now its been a while since i last reviewed these guys – their debut album was released just before i began this page, and it was reviewed here;

Final Silence Album Review

A year later, they are back with a vengeance and a new album, More Human Than Human, due for release on the 23rd of February. If you are in the Stirling area, then consider heading along to the release show. The details are here;

Final Silence/Relinquished Antiquity Album Launch Show

These metalcore/groove pioneers have been a large part of the Stirlingshire/Clackmannanshire music scene for quite some time now, and were probably one of the biggest bands in the area – particularly back in my days in the area. Things have only improved for them, and we can see some real progress from their EP’s to their debut album to their sophomore release.

I stuck it on right now, listening to most of it for the first time. I’m hoping my digital copy has them all in the right order, but regardless, i put on what i thought was the first track; System Failure.

I have known these guys for a long time, and i like to think i recognise their various writing styles and i have collaborated with some members in previous bands. This is a little different. Mike Weir joined fairly recently as guitarist, and Riki replaced Cowie on drums. That shook things up a bit, and you can hear the differences in influence. The first thing i noticed was the introduction of some progressive, almost djenty riffs. I am unsure if this is Mike’s influence, or Dave’s forever shifting writing style, but either way  – it has changed the sound, and i really think it sounds better. The initial track and Honesty both display some brilliant grooves, epic chord progressions and Willie’s vocals have only improved over the years. His heavy vocals have beefed up a bit since the last album, as he is obviously getting more and more comfortable in his vocal style. The use of gang vocals are tasteful and certainly not over used, as some hardcore influenced bands tend to do.

I understand that Graham Swan (Bass) has been handling most of the clean vocals on this album – and it is clear that he has been improving too.

The sound is not simply generic metalcore. There are a fuck ton of influences mashed into this, and i can hear everything from Pantera to Fear Factory to Periphery in this. I particularly liked the random ass bagpipes. With the way the music scene is expanding in Scotland, i wouldn’t be surprised if these guys were signed fairly soon. Of course, that’s if they haven’t already and just been keeping it hush hush, which wouldn’t surprise me.

Beforehand, i described these guys as being heavier than “Dino Cazares and Gene Hoglan sellotaped to a whale”. I would like to amend that statement. This album is much more progressive and melodic than the last, at the same time as being a buttload heavier at times. I think we can upgrade this analogy to sounding more like Dino Cazares and Gene Hoglan Sellotaped to a whale. Which is also sellotaped to the Death star. But because its more melodic and stuff, i suppose i’m going to have to include that in the analogy, so i painted a big flower on the death star (in my mind  – its a metaphor, remember).

We might need to enforce this rule on these guys, because if they keep getting bigger, eventually their gravity may cause the Stirling area to collapse in on itself.

Which wouldn’t be too big a loss, but who am i to judge, i lived there for a long time.

I’m having a hard time choosing the highlights of the album, because i enjoyed pretty much all of it. It is recorded well, played well and structured well. I am incredibly impressed, and although i had high expectations for the album, they have exceeded them. Well done, guys. Hopefully its only upwards from here.

While being drastically different from the previous album, some Final Silence-y elements that tend to be consistent still slip through. Willie really likes his high screams. I can recognise Dave’s chord progressions anywhere. Swan’s vocals and bass have improved, but they still hold his initial style. The addition of the other members has taken the band in an obvious new direction, but they have not completely abandoned their roots.

I like this new direction. I hope to hear more. Have 4 stars.

4 stars

Make sure to check out their facebook.

Final Silence Facebook

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