Torment of the Week: Scordatura’s New Album


Oh yes. I’ve been bangin on about it for months now. It’s been a year since i reviewed these guys for the first time, and we’ve had gigs (Supporting Fleshgod Apocalypse), we’ve had interviews, we’ve had studio videos and they even held a spot in the Scottish Death Metal Rundown i did a few months back. Oh, those are links by the way. Click on them. Upon doing so, you will see how far these guys have come in the past year. From a demo, to a full fledged album which is being described as “Marvellous” (by The Great Northern Blogkill) and “Positively Spiffing” (also by The Great Northern Blogkill). So i recommend you roll up your sleeves, plant your arse firmly on a seat of some kind, shoot up your amphetamine of choice and listen to this fucking album. Or take some crack. Would probably be more appropriate.

Glaswegian Death Metal is really on the rise lately, with the commercial success of bands like Man Must Die and Cerebral Bore, and with the rise of brilliant local bands such as Agonised Deformity and Cemtex, amongst a whole bunch of other bands. Scordatura have taken another step towards wealth, fame and bitches. Now, let’s go listen to some fucking death metal, yeah?

Who can guess the first lyrics of the album? Yeah, that’s right! It’s OOOWWWWWWRRRRRRGGGHHH! As is common with most death metal releases, we get thrown into the brutality from the get go. Necromantic Disposition erupts into a showcase of incredible guitar grooves and bloody good riffing. The bombardment of the drums pound out with unabashed ferocity, creating a series of rhythmic explosions for the guitars and bass to ride over the top, like a brutal as fuck wave ridden by brutal as fuck surfers. I dunno, they’re surfing on sharks or something. Using their own severed limbs as props for some brutal improv comedy at the same time. While screaming so loud that their eyes pop out and just hang there all disgusting and brutal like. Get the idea?

This is the closest thing i can find. You get the idea.

Daryl‘s vocals are fast-paced, crushingly heavy and they actually sound pretty unique in regards to the usual death metal growls. This is evident in the next track, Visceral Disembowelment. We hear more broovy riffs, with some incredibly technical sections highlighting the musical talent of these guys, as well as some pounding slams, and even some breakdowns. But good breakdowns – breakdowns that are pretty much slams, but not quite. There is a difference, people. And both can be done very well, as these guys prove.

The pinnacle of the album is Back To Crack. Fuckin’ love this tune. To the point where it has pretty much become a meme.

Figure A.

Figure B. I rest my case.

I’ve talked about this song before in previous reviews, so i won’t dwell on it too long. All I’m gonna say is the rerecorded version is fucking sick – it’s much heavier sounding. Especially through these beastin new speakers i have.

The music is incredibly tight, with Owen McKendrick, Dave Coia and Mark Scobie belting out perfectly orchestrated, technical horrors. The drums, provided by Tam Moran, hold it all together, letting rip some high velocity fills, crushing blastbeats and unrelenting double bass. The guitar tone and production are impeccable – which isn’t a surprise seeing as it was mixed and mastered by Scott Fuller (Abysmal Dawn) & Max Karon. It brings out a clear sound, without losing any of the intense heaviness. You can make out the riffs perfectly to the note and this is one of the few albums I’ve heard where the drums are the perfect volume.

Incestual Convulsions and Sutured Flesh are fantastic songs for the end of the album. They don’t sacrifice any of the heaviness to work their way towards the finish, but rather they kick up the pace. In my opinion, the album starts off brilliant and keeps climbing, getting better as it goes. These last two songs, much like the rest of the album, grab you by the balls and swing you around like one would do with a cat when determining exactly how big a room is. If you want to have a sing along with Sutured Flesh, click this link to some hilarious lyrics!

Overall, we have an absolutely stellar death metal album here, guys. One of the best I’ve heard in years. There are few faults i can find with this album, if any at all. It’s an incredibly enjoyable listen if this is your scene, and i would rank them among some of the best death metal bands, not simply amongst the best local death metal bands. I’m pretty sure these guys are going somewhere. Unless, y’know, they stand still from now on, but that’s unlikely and it was a figure of speech anyway. Where would you guys be without me explaining basic principles of our language.

Hahaha. A Scottish dude explaining English. That’s like having Lars Ulrich explain how to not be a whiny little dick.

Anyway, if i was to sum up this album in one word, it would be “Yas!”. However, if i was to sum it up in stars, it would be…

5 stars

5 fucking stars. Which also makes this album the first album to be awarded 5 stars on this blog. Run dun dun dun con-grat-u-la-tions!

Like em on facebook!

You can buy the album along with other merch here.

You can also stream it for free and download a digital copy from bandcamp, as shown below.

And holy shit! Here’s some tour dates! If they’re in your area, go see them, buy the album and a tee and wear it to your next job interview.

16th February – Album Launch Show (GLASGORE FEST) – 13th Note, Glasgow

1st March – Tour with Pyrexia & Beheaded – Tilburg, Holland
2nd March – Tour with Pyrexia & Beheaded – Nurnberg Death Fest, Germany
3rd March – Tour with Pyrexia & Beheaded – Paris, France
4th March – Tour with Pyrexia & Beheaded – Brussels, Belgium
5th March – Tour with Pyrexia & Beheaded – UK, TBC
6th March – Tour with Pyrexia & Beheaded – UK, TBC
7th March – Tour with Pyrexia & Beheaded – London, UK

13th April – North Of The Wall Festival – QMU, Glasgow

Well, there you have it. Torment of the Weak. Thanks for reading, hopefully you guys enjoyed it. Connect with The Great Northern Blogkill for further updates on bands, movies, video games and wrestling on





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