Pass the Scalpel and the Puke Bag, Nurse: Reviewing Foul Body Autopsy


Oh shit! New Foul Body Autopsy, you say? More Death metal for us to listen to? Today has been a good day for Death Metal on this blog. Let’s get started with this.

Foul Body Autopsy is a one man brutal, technical death metal band who have been on top of the scene since 2010, sharing the stage with the likes of Cerebral Bore, Decapitated and Aborted. He also played at Bloodstock 2011, so you can see that his work is fairly well liked. And it’s not hard to see why.

The Epidemic Sickening the World lulls you into a false sense of security with some background sounds, of mostly silence and a few nature sounds. You can hear children in the background. Then a rumbling. Then sirens. You see where this is going.

Before long, it bursts into some brilliant death metal riffing. It reminds me of a less slam orientated Abominable Putridity, in regards to the riffing. The grooves and speed riffs are absolutely fantastic, and very powerful. His use of dischords is almost seizure inducing. There are slams in here, and they are glorious. Pounding rhythms bouncing out of the speakers, before throwing you right back into the groove laden speed-fest that is ripping your ears apart. Tom Reynolds guitar technique is so fucking tight. I can certainly see why he holds an esteemed position in the UK death metal scene.

There’s even some small black metal orientated sections, like in The Last Days of Humanity. This song is the highlight of the EP in my opinion. There are some clashing dischord riffs, there are some more harmonious chords incorporated into riffs that are almost melodic death metal as well as some of the black metal influence i mentioned and a healthy dose of crushing slams.

And the world looked on in Horror is a heavy, thrashing riff orgy, with technical death metal ejaculating twiddles and riddly diddlies all over the place. Stuff like this reminds me why i love tech- death so much. On top of all this, there are some heavy guttural roars coming from Tom, but his voice is diverse enough to range between most styles of the harsh vocals, rather than a monotonous grunt for the entire song. There is also a clean bit! Shock! Horror! Don’t worry, it’s fucking great.

This is a really good EP. The conclusion confirms this. The last song is very thrash orientated, with some melodic death metal influence showing itself in there, with the usual tech-death overtone. This is the best example of Tom‘s versatile vocals. And a good showcase of his technical ability on guitar. Holy shit. Those runs.

Overall, this EP is absolutely mindblowing. Truly standout in it’s genre. I am incredibly glad i gave it a listen, and i reckon you should too! I give this one the first 5 out of 5 i have issued on this blog.

5 stars

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