Oh, hi. I didn’t see you there. Welcome to another fireside reading of the marvelous literature of my creation. Please, take a seat. This is the fourth installment of The Scottish Death Metal Rundown, in which we throw ourselves into a land of beauty, wonder…and pig squeals. Or whatever, let’s listen to some fucking metal. But first, if you missed any of the previous parts to this article series, then check em out!

PART ONE                                   PART TWO                                       PART THREE


These guys are pretty fucking brutal. These guys can throw down a heavy ass riff and run with it – there are shit tons of tremolo harmonies, with some sweet basslines laid down to complement then. Some of the bass lines are very Death-esque, with some heavier influences such as Suffocation bleeding its way through. To sweeten the pot, you got yourself some sweet drumming to give it that extra brutal punch. These guys tear it up like a disgruntled postal worker with an assault rifle.

Bandcamp– 1 free track and 1 cheap ass track!



Thrashy, Deathy Grindcore. This is some good shit. Their songs are short, like most grindcore songs, but they provide all the punch and power of a 6 minute song in a frenzied, aggressive assault on the ears. Now Grind bands tend to sound kind of…samey sometimes. This is not one of those occasions. These guys are unique and interesting in their own way. The vocalist doesn’t just spam random ass screams over a disjointed riff – there is definite structure delivered by a tight group of musicians, with a versatile set of lungs giving it that anger-fuelled atmosphere you strive for in Grind.

Bandcamp– 1 “Name your price” album and 2 cheap ass albums!
Reverbnation – free streaming!

Sample the Album with this Youtube link



Another Glasgow band for you. This time in the form of thrashy melodic death metal titans Diementia! These guys have some serious groove, whipping out some fantastic riffs and boasting a formidable rhythm section. Its melodeath, what’s not to like? There’s even some chunky breakdown-like sections that really get the groove pounding through your veins. The vocals provide the harsh overtone needed for this type of melodeath and there’s usually a sweet melody/solo in there somewhere, waiting to jump you with its epic gnarliness.

Official Website
Free album!
Bigcartel – Another album available for purchase



Progressive death metal with some black metal influences. Suave suits and ties. What do these things have in common? Absolutely nothing. However Maelstrom do both of these things at the same time. I’m not sure which they are better at. I’ll let you decide.

There are some interesting use of keyboards in this band, creating an atmosphere beyond that of a normal ass blackened-death metal band. There are some dark, chugging riffs draped with the haunting sounds of the keys, paired with a mix of guttural lows and screeching highs. Now i’m going to make an analogy here. And stick with me on this, because you might recoil in disgust. But it’s a compliment. Here goes: Maelstrom are like Cradle of Filth, if they weren’t ridiculous and terrible. Take the basic idea of Cradle of Filth and get rid of the pants-on-head mental lyrics, cheesy ass keys and over-exaggerated riffs (to counteract the cheese of the keys). What are you left with? A progressive death metal band with some strong roots in Black metal, and backed up by symphonic keys – some classy, intelligent music, if you can call any form of death metal classy. I hope you get what i mean. Fuck it, just listen and find out!

Bandcamp – Free Streaming, 1 cheap EP and 1 cheap album!
Vote for them to play Les Fest, Scotland’s only Metal Festival!

There was only live videos up on youtube, so here’s one to give you a bit of a teaser. But i recommend checking out the recorded versions up on their bandcamp – as the recording quality is much better, and you can really hear the little intricacies.



Breaking off the trend of Glasgow bands we had going here, these Progressive Death Metal maniacs show you how to fire up some intense music. There are a lot of interesting, techy moments in here – with some odd, discordant riffs and odd rhythms, riding on some brutal as fuck death metal drumming. They’re like a much heavier version of SikTh, but with less…all over the place-ness. There is a recognizable structure to these songs, but there is a healthy dash of crazy in there too. All of these guys are fantastic instrumentalists and the vocalist brings some truly aggressive roars into the mix.

And i have good news; every one of their releases are free on bandcamp. Can’t complain about free music! Check it out – There are 2 EP’s, an album and a single available!


And there we have it. The end of this batch of the SDM Rundown, and the last of these articles i’m going to do for now. If there are any more Scottish Death Metal bands, let me know and i’ll put you down on the list for a shoutout in another SDM Rundown in the future. I’m gonna do a couple of band reviews soon, and then maybe start on The Scottish Prog Metal Rundown 😉

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