Obscure Parade II: Starring Forward Unto Dawn, The Enigma Code, RSJ, Wall of the Fallen, Life Before Last

And so comes the time for our second multiple band review (Here’s the first).  The Review Strikes Back, if you will. A lovely selection of bands for you to check out today, if they sound like your cup of tea. I don’t think anything sounds like a cup of tea, as they’re pretty silent objects, but you get the picture.

As usual, there’s links a’plenty so you don’t have to do any actual work in searching for these bands. Just click. All you need is like one fucking muscle in your finger. Can’t be too hard to give an underdog band some attention, yes? I shall begin.

Songs: The Art and Illusion of Escape, Writings on the Wall

At first i thought these guys were just generic metalcore, but they have since impressed me with interesting songwriting skills and intricate riffery. There is an almost thrash influenced feel to these tracks, providing a very fast-paced atmosphere enhanced by harmonised guitar melodies and a powerful rhythm section. Writings on the wall even has a short, soft interlude that calms the mood completely before ripping it up again. They remind me of bands in the strain of Anterior, Mendeed and the like. Interesting. Great solo skills too.
The Art and Illusion of Escape doesn’t disappoint either. This is not bad, boring metalcore, like i first thought. It is innovative and entertaining to listen to. While the production of the tracks is not perfect, its still pretty good and maybe when they get round to making a studio album, we will see a real gem budding in these dudes.
Their EP ‘We Won’t Die’ is due for release May 22nd. Watch the facebook for details. Meanwhile, check out the tunes i mentioned!

Songs: Schismatic Catalyst, Psalm, Dead Star

Schismatic Catalyst took my by surprised. I was kind of expecting some sort of spacey djent solo project. What i got was a progressive metal act in the same sort of category as Born of Osiris and Veil of Maya. It is a rhythm based, progressive deathcore kind of sound, with some intense musical skills being flaunted. The guitar playing is fantastic, and the drums drive a groove like a beast. I am an instant fan of this band. There’s even some electronic styley stuff added in for creative value, which i always appreciate. Use what you can to get your sound across. This song is an intense, powerful behemoth with just a dash of tranquil ambience. It’s actually so good i need to link you it now. Listen.

I enjoyed it. The other songs are just as incredible, with Psalm including a jazzy little bass tap. Sweet. The Great Northern Blogkill officially supports this band. Well done, Enigma Code. I look forward to your 2012 demo that is mentioned on your facebook. Tunes. Check ’em.

Songs: His Name is Robert Paulsen, Degrees of Seperation

This York metal/hardcore act are fucking amazing. Trust me, this will not be the last time i review them. Since listening to their song, His Name Is Robert Paulsen, i have been hooked. As well as this song having an awesome name that makes me wanna blow up skyscrapers and play with my bitch-tits, it has an UNBELIEVABLE amount of groove, smooth basslines, epic chords and powerful vocals. I cannot say enough good things about this band. The riffs are heavier than Megatron‘s dong, with more groove than…a groovy thing. Apparently Megatron‘s dong is the extent of my metaphors. Fuck it, if Strapping Young Lad‘s debut album can get away with it, so can i.
Degrees of Separation is a crushing masterpiece. I can really hear Pantera influences in there, which is always a plus in my Dime-worshipping books. They also take some influence from Meshuggah in a way i haven’t heard yet, which is good. Not just djenty, proggy, fucked up rhythms. That shits all over the place now, but these guys take a different approach with that influence, deriving more from the untapped thrash aspect of Meshuggah. Mix that in with some Dillinger Escape Plan and you have RSJ, a band which is no where near as popular as they should be. I command thee to go forth and ‘like’ their page on facebook. Listen to tunes. Keep up with them. Buy Higgs Boson when it comes out. I fucking will. In fact i want a t shirt as soon as possible.
And no, i have no idea what RSJ stands for. Ask them.

Songs: Living Death, The Rising, Exalt

Living Death erupts with a speedy metalcore riff, followed by some brOOtz vocals and then some clean singing. Sound average? Well, it’s not. I was again pleasantly surprised by the innovative songwriting. The riffs are refreshing and new, with some fantastic solo work, great melodies and a unique voice with only the tiniest hint of sounding like one of the more ‘scene’ metalcore bands. They remind me a lot of As I Lay Dying, actually. Only i enjoyed this stuff more, because i’m not too bothered by AILD anymore. The guitarists are really impressive. I like how the riffs progress, they are reminiscent of my old band Broken Entity. And they’re from a town called Rifle. That’s pretty cool.
They certainly tear up shit on these songs. I have to admit, i do like myself some metalcore. While some people are all like DUDE ITS FUCKING POP METAL, SCREAMY BIT THEN CHEESY SUNG CHORUS, i reply with a FUCK YOU GUYS.
Nothing wrong with it. I find it enjoyable, as do a lot of people out there and i they deserve to hear this talented band.
If i had any problem, it was the cheesy HEY HEY HEY bit in The Rising. But anyway, check out this shit on their facebook!

Songs: Here We Stand (Ooh-Rah), Against the Fortified Cities

Wow, even though i picked these bands randomly from the list, they all seem to follow the same sort of strain of metalcore/deathcore. How strange. Well, that’s kind of what these guys are, but there’s more to it than that. The Vocals are certainly heavier. Sort of Plea for Purging-esque, with riffs reminiscent of War of Ages. The structure is pretty breakdown and groove orientated, which isn’t bad in itself, it’s only when those breakdowns and grooves are shit that it gets bad. These aren’t shit, but they aren’t as innovative as i would personally like. A lot of you guys are into this stuff though, so maybe it’s just me.
Against the Fortified Cities belts out classic metalcore riffs, combined with driving drums and more brutal vocals. There’s a little tapping bit incorporated into a breakdown about 1 and a half minutes in, and its fucking hilarious. Not bad musicianship, and i’m certainly not laughing at their songwriting. I just love how there’s a big heavy as fuck bit, then a little high pitched twiddle.

DUN DUN DUN twiddly diddly DUN DUN DUUN

It’s fantastic.

The recording and production leaves a little to be desired, especially on the part of the guitars and bass. More bass. We need more bass. But like i always say, i’m a stickler for production. Maybe when they bring out their new release, it will have improved! Check out the songs i mentioned here.

And so brings us to the conclusion of another episode of Obscure Parade.
Get listening and helping out bands, guys 🙂 They all appreciate it.

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