Review: Sectioned

Here is my first review guys!
And who better to start with than my friend Pedram Valiani’s band Sectioned. Hailing from the same neck of the woods as your humble host, Edinburgh (Scotland), these guys had me hooked when i first heard the riffage to ‘Knives‘, as advertised on

The EP was released on 23rd of September 2011 and is entitled Wake Up, It’s Starting. I Will do a track by track review, so as to portray the best possible image of the band.

1. Failure Drill: The opening atmosphere is very serene and tranquil, but it isn’t long before the crushing intro riff blasts into the mix. Greg Armstrong’s powerful vocals sound like a decepticon, as me and my friend noticed the other week. And if that isn’t a compliment for a metal vocalist i don’t know what is. But on top of the skullcrushing roars, he has a voice that can range from haunting to epic – the harmonies emphasize this description.
The solo is very Thordendal-esque, paired with a polyrhythmic backing riff that really compliments Pedram and Alex Smith’s style.

2. Datura: This song. Tech metal as fuck. While being unique in its own way, it reminds me of SikTh or even Fall in Archaea. While quite short, it’s very hard hitting and powerful. The guitar’s fucking fly all over the place in this song, with Owen Hughes’ drumming providing a heavy structure beneath the madness. This kind of style is very hard to perfect, but i have no doubts that this band have mastered it.

3. Knives: This fucking song. Holy Shit. The introduction is very ambient and peaceful, and it’s done very well. The drum fill that seems to announce “HEAVY AS FUCK BIT COMING” always captures me. Greg’s vocals in this song go from earbleedingly heavy to fucking beautiful. Dat chorus, man. The peaceful ambience is recurring throughout the song and i think it really adds to the effect. I especially like Mitchell Gillies bassline in this. This is my favourite song on the EP. Well fucking done guys.

4. Wake Up, It’s Starting: this song opens up with a heavy as fuck progressive riff. The best way i can describe this style is ambidjent. Now i know Peds hates the term djent, but i guess he’ll just have to DEAL WTH IT because i can’t describe it in any other way. There’s even a lead part in this song that sounds like a creepy circus jingle around the 1:45 mark. I love it.
The tapping section paired with Greg’s vocals is brilliant and it evolves further as the guitar tremolo melody further adds to ambience. Oh wait, is this my favourite song on the album? fuck it i don’t even know, they’re all so good.

5. Sleep Now: This is a 6 minute epic of mostly piano and Greg going all soft on us. The ambient style is definately recurring throughout this EP and i think it adds a refreshing change to the majority of bands nowadays. This serves as a brilliant outro to an EP. Makes you sad its over, really.

Ok, TL; DR this EP is the fucking tits, go to their bandcamp right now and download the shit out of it (name your price) and if you’re a nice person with some spare cash, GIVE IT TO THEM. Hopefully it’ll pay for them to get an album recorded and i can ejaculate all over the place.

Well that’s the end of my first review, big shout out to Sectioned for writing such an epic piece, and thanks for letting me review the album guys. I guess i’ll just leave you with this message then.

We So Lulzy.


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