A Thank You Note.


Well, guys. This is it. Remember when i mentioned that TGNBK was going to be incorporated into a larger media site? Well the time has come, and i am delighted to announce that i am now a writer for The Monolith, a fantastic website that covers a very wide range of articles, features and other endeavors. They have a website much snazzier than this one, with extra perks for members! The members fee is super reasonable, so i urge as many of you guys to sign up as possible. Members can win things (FREE SHIT, BITCHES), gain early access to some releases in addition to lots of other exclusive content.


So now, i would like to thank all of you guys for sticking with me over the course of this blog. It grew, it gained recognition in the eyes of some very influential characters, and i made some fantastic friends. I actually think i have made more friends through this blog than in any other aspect of my life. Even if this blog introduced me to the insufferable dickhead that is Mike Rees, i’ll let that one slide. Hate that guy. Worst guy ever. ❤

This blog inadvertently introduced me to my beautiful girlfriend, who i have just stolen from London town. Hemma is now living with me in glorious Scotland, and i may never have met her if i had not started up this blog and started making friends outside of my local area. So yeah, this blog got me laid.

I would also like to thank the many wonderful people involved with this blog, be it my writers, fellow bloggers or bands. All of you have been great, and i will continue to work with you in the future, just hit me up.

I really hope all the fans and friends of this blog will continue to read my work with the Monolith, and my other endeavors, which are listed below. Please get involved with these projects if you are interested.

The Monolith facebook page – give us a like!

Fiction Writer Collective – a group for those who want to write fiction. I also urge artists who like to draw fictional characters and the like to join too.

Traveller Tumblr – here is where i shall post updates on my sci fi novel, as well as other writing exercises and ideas. Not much there yet, but soon.

History Students and Enthusiasts – We aim to help those who are writing essays, doing exams or those who are just interested.

Chat Shit about Wrestling – a group that discusses professional wrestling and the sort.

Chat Shit about Vidya – like the above group, only with video games.

IICJZII Promotions – i help out on this promotions page for bands.

In addition to these groups and pages, i will be starting up a Scottish Promotions plan which aims to provide an all-inclusive guide to EVERYTHING about Scottish Metal. If this sounds interesting to you, then you can read more about it in this article. Additionally, contact me if you wish to help out as i am eager to build up a team for this job.


So, as of now, this blog is inactive. It has been incorporated into the Monolith’s myriad of blogs. If you want to hear more from me, then i will continue to post my new articles on TGNBK’s facebook, but they will also be posted on the Monolith. Thanks for reading guys, and thanks for sticking with me, despite me clearly being both a terrible person and a terrible writer.




5 Kickass Live Shows (That Are Free To View On Youtube)


Good morrow, The Great Northern Bloglings. I bring fair tidings. Within the electric realm of Youtube, there be many glories!

I don’t know about you, but i spend a lot of time aimlessly browsing through the related videos on youtube. I begin with playing a stupid video or something and i end up trawling through the six degrees of separation that tie videos of Mordin Solus dancing to soul music with videos of obese men-children throwing their xboxes at passing cars.

For this pleasure, we must give thanks to the gods of the internet. Namely The Bird of  Hash Tagg(not very important, all that is required is to sum up a statement in 140 characters to please him); The Book of Faces (The evil god who preys upon the mind and time of many people); Yuutuub (the god of videos and cats, for obvious reasons – although has recently acquired sloths and Rick Astley) and of course, our great leader who is neither good nor evil, simply information; Lord Gügel.

Praise Be to Gügel.

On my journeys through the virtual realm, i have come across several kickass live shows. So i thought i’d bring you 5 to check out. You may already know these are available, but for those of you who don’t then i hope this article is a pleasant surprise for you. Or maybe i’ll remind you that these exist, and it will make your day that little bit brighter as you go about your meaningless business. Or whatever. I need gratification for doing what i’m doing, love me.


Now many people seem to dislike Rammstein these days. Fuck knows why, as i think they are one of the few bands that manage to pull off this kind of thing. Till Lindemann has 2 rules.

1. If it’s not on fire, it should be.

2. Don’t take anything seriously, unless it’s on fire.

And Rammstein has had a long history of not giving a fuck. I respect that in a band. I recently missed these guys play Download, as a result of being a broke ass punk. I would have loved to have seen them live, but it looks like i’m going to have to wait. But this video is the next best thing, as their songs hold up very well in the live environment (which is mostly on fire). Whether you are a fan of the band or not, you can’t deny how well they command the stage. I personally love their little grooves too. And Mein Teil is heavy as fuck.


Here is one of the few bands who have managed to be consistently good throughout their career. Every single album has at least a handful of noteworthy songs, and their live shows are always jam packed with their best. I have been a long time fan of this band as well, since i first discovered them in about 2005. Lost to Apathy was the first song i heard and i couldn’t get enough of it, nor the rest of that album. I believe “Am I 1?” to be one of the best melodic death metal songs ever written.

They too do well in the live setting, as illustrated by this particular concert, which is spectacular. Everyone is on top form, and the crowd participate a lot more than usual. Get in there.


There is little to be said about a Napalm Death live show. Mostly because you can’t breathe as a result of the sheer fucking atmosphere. Especially this era of ND. This band is energy incarnate and 99% of the time they are just piling out as much intense power as they can in as short a time as possible. 24 second songs hit you as hard as a 5 minute one would.

This band manages to leave you lying on the floor as if you’ve just endured some horrific torture session, yet yearning for more.


The show kicks off with some green goblin boobs. Yeah. That’s one way to catch peoples attention, i guess. But strippers from Mordor aside, this show is one of the greatest live shows to ever take place on this dying planet. The first growl is also the greatest growl in death metal. You’ll know it when you hear it. These guys display a magnificent progressive death metal machine, with incredibly tight riffing, stellar drumming, bass flabberdashery and vocals so brutal that you want to go back in time and rape yourself with a rake.

I can’t put into words how fantastic this show is. You need only to click and see for yourself.


Many of you know my Devin fanboyism, and therefore i need give no justification for why this is number 1. It is a brilliant show, with a glorious atmosphere, with generous lols and some very powerful tunes. I am consistently impressed with Devin’s live performances, having seen him live on a few occasions now as well as witnessing many recorded videos.

It isn’t brutal, but beautiful – however that doesn’t mean it isn’t a heavy experience. Hopefully i don’t need to explain the prowess of Mr. Townsend. Please, Enjoy.

Thanks for reading this article, fare thee well, followers.



I’m Back. Kind of.


Ok guys, i am back, for the most part. Allow me to explain my absence.

1. University – i had a fuck ton of essays to do and not a lot of time to do them. It was not fun.
2. I have been ill for months, and i’m still not entirely better.
3. Then i had University exams, and a decent amount of them. Which i did fairly badly in, as a result of the illness.
4. Moving house. I am currently at my parents house, waiting to sign the lease for my new Edinburgh flat.

So yeah, that’s why this blog has been horrendously inactive. I’ll be surprised if i have any fans left. So that brings me to the current state of affairs, in which i shall look to the future!

“Look over there! It’s the future!”

So here’s the deal. There’s gonna be a bunch of changes in the near future, involving this blog and several other projects i am attempting. And seeing as some people are interested, and i want to hear some feedback, i thought i would run it past you guys.

Firstly, the medium through which my glorious writing skills reaches your hungry eyes shall be altered. TGNBK as a whole will become a separate entity as a part of a much larger, more inclusive site. This means i will have a larger reach and will be able to do my job as a promoter more effectively. More details on this shall emerge as time goes on, as i have not fully decided on when this is going to happen.

Secondly, i am beginning a much more localized project in the form of a Scottish promotions website. My plan is to create a website that provides a wide, all-encompassing medium for everything to do with the Scottish music scene. This site will have an all-inclusive list of every metal gig in Scotland, from big mainstream tours to local underground death metal gigs. Every metal gig in any town in Scotland that i know of, will be on this site. Anyone who organises tours or puts on one off gigs can just send me across the details and it will be on this site. Wondering what gigs are on in the future? Check this fucking site. It’s meant to make everything easy as fuck for everyone.

This website will also cater towards helping bands as much as possible. There will be a separate page with links to as many Scottish bands as humanly possible, for promotional purposes, including their contact details so tour bookers can just look through the list of bands and contact anyone they think would be suitable. Again, this is simply to make everything easier for everyone, because i know how fucking ridiculous it is to trawl through the fetid crevasses of the internet to find the contact details for a random ass slam band.

On top of this, there will be another page with a list of venues in Scotland, with links and contact details. Another page with promoters, links and contact details. Artwork designers, with links and contact details. Pretty much anything, with links and details. So if you want AAAAANYTHING to do with Scottish metal, this website will have it in an easy as fuck layout for your convenience.

Now this project is hopefully going to have quite an impact on the scene, if all goes as planned, so i am looking for people to help me out with this. If anyone at all is interested in helping me design this site and run it, then please get in contact. I may involve some stuff about other countries, but it will be mostly localised to Scotland. It’s not a reviews website or anything like that. There may be a few articles about the local Scottish scene, but i will not be doing any articles like i do for TGNBK. Please get in contact if you are interested. I believe it will be very beneficial to Scottish promoters and international promoters trying to put on gigs in Scotland. And it will all be free, because i’m a fucking stand up guy.

Thirdly, i’m writing a fucking sci fi novel. Yeah, no shit. Believe it or not, i do attempt to write seriously sometimes, and although i am terrible at everything, i do have some good ideas floating around inside my head. It would be nice to see how they turn out. I am considering releasing the first segment of my sci fi epic online for free, as the first story arc is not quite long enough to be a full book, but too long to be an “episode” of sorts.

It follows the story of a man from Earth who finds himself in a situation where he is entirely alone in the vast expanses of space, and he has to come to terms with this fact. However, not all is as it seems and he has to fight his way through some unenviable circumstances in order to emerge on the other side as a completely changed man…with new challenges. This tale will fluctuate between several genres such as survival-horror, political drama, sci fi epic and fantasy.

Maybe it’ll be terrible. Maybe not. If i release the first arc for free, then you’ll find out. A few people have shown interest in it so far, and i would love to hear if anyone else is. Please, let me know. Anyway, it’s called…


That’s all i have to discuss for now. Hopefully i can do some more reviews in the near future, perhaps once i am settled into my flat. I will keep you updated on the changes to the blog. Thanks for sticking with me for so long guys. I hope to hear from you soon.

Your humble host,

The Shield Falls

SmackTalk! With Rick Foley

Hello again Ladies and Gentlemen and welcome to the go-home edition of SmackTalk just before Payback on Sunday! Ever-changing is the structure of these articles, and I look to continue that tradition now. Matches for the evening included: 

  1. Sheamus versus Antonio Cesaro
  2. Health Slater versus The Great Khali
  3. Chris Jericho and Alberto Del Rio versus Big E Langston and World Heavyweight Champion Dolph Ziggler
  4. Curtis Axel versus Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett
  5. Kane, Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton versus The Shield (WWE Tag Team Champions Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins and United States Champion Dean Ambrose)

Sheamus def. Antonio Cesaro

As you might have already been able to guess, of course The Celtic Warrior overcame The Swiss Superman. Though Cesaro did not go down without a fight. In his arsenal was his patented European Uppercuts and inhuman strength, utilizing that Gutwrench Suplex that he has used to wear down other opponents in the past. At one point in the match, Cesaro even lifted Sheamus up and threw him back into the ring. It wasn’t too long after that that things would play into Sheamus’ favor as Sheamus would catch Cesaro on the ropes and bring those massive hands down onto Cesaro’s chest, reddening it in the process. Cesaro would fight back and get Sheamus into the corner, but Cesaro let too much time get away from him and Sheamus Brogue Kicked Cesaro for the win. Moments after celebrating, Sandow would attack Sheamus from behind. Though we now know that the United States title as well as the other titles were meant for the younger starts, I can’t help but feel a little sorry for Cesaro. He had a great run with that title, and I liked him. I think what went wrong was that no one knew who to book him against. The most obvious choice would have been a returning Jack Swagger and his “Real American” gimmick to oppose Cesaro’s abrasive Anti-American persona. Again, being the most obvious answer, that’s probably why it wasn’t even booked. Instead, Swagger went into a now-pointless feud with Alberto Del Rio. So now Cesaro doesn’t have much of anything to do other than wait around like most of the older locker room. As for Sheamus and Damien Sandow in the Payback Kick-off show, I think Sandow will have the edge this time. These two always put on great matches with each other, which is most likely the reason why they’re so often booked against each other. This could also be a bad thing, but I digress. Sandow wins at Payback 

Heath Slater def. The Great Khali

This was an utterly pointless match, best left for something like Superstars. Not to discredit each of the opponents, but since there isn’t that much time left between now and Payback, I feel that more important matches should be happening. I suppose this is what you get when 3 (2 if you really want to get technical) of the current title holders are booked in the main event. Anyway, Khali’s offense consisted of chest chops, while Heath Slater worked on Khali’s legs, and he did ultimately bring the giant down. He did it with the help of Drew McIntyre and Jinder Mahal. As they distracted the referee, Slater was able to attack Khali’s legs more and then put him down with a DDT. One positive thing that I can take away from this match is that Drew McIntyre sent a tweet to Paul Heyman, essentially asking him to help his career. This means that McIntyre would drop the Rock star gimmick and reemerge as The Chosen One again. It will be very interesting to see if anything is to come of this. Maybe Curtis Axel and Drew McIntyre will form a faction of their own, under the guidance of Heyman. Though that’s likely to not happen seeing how The Shield is essentially “it” on stables. But one can dream.

Chris Jericho and Alberto Del Rio def. World Heavyweight Champion Dolph Ziggler and Big E Langston

With the World Heavyweight Champion Dolph Ziggler finally cleared to wrestle after suffering a concussion a few weeks ago, Dolph Ziggler had a heavy task at hand in the form of Chris Jericho and his opponent this Sunday, Alberto Del Rio. Evident were many Inziguri’s and side  kicks from Ziggler and Del Rio, while Big E Langston used his body like a battering ram. He would bounce off of the ropes and use his massive body to bring Jericho down to the mat. This would prove useful towards the closing moments of the match. When Del Rio or Jericho were making a pin attempt, Big E would come in and save Ziggler, but he could only do that so many times. The last time he tried to save Ziggler, Jericho greeted him with a Code Breaker to the outside. Alberto Del Rio came away with a victory against World Heavyweight Champion Dolph Ziggler using the simplest of moves, a small package pin. Seeing how Dolph has only been champion for a month and he hasn’t properly defended it, this move was a definite no-no. He should have won in order to create some sort of momentum. I am only a mark, so what do I know. I wouldn’t be shocked if Ziggler was going to drop the title at Payback. It would only cement fans ideologies about the creative team. They are nothing but a bunch of idiots that make decisions at the last second. But what do I know? I’m just a mark.

WWE Divas Champion Kaitlyn versus Aksana ends in a No-Contest: Kaitlyn attacks referee

Before this match even got underway, Kaitlyn’s emotions got the best of her and she attacked Aksana. Last week on Monday Night Raw, Kaitlyn’s secret admirer was supposedly revealed to be Big E Langston but instead it was all really a plot to get under Kaitlyn’s skin, masterminded by AJ. Aksana was the target of Kaitlyn’s rage, and so after the rebound played Kaitlyn jumped on Aksana and would not let up, even slapping the referee. Moments later Aksana was finally able to escape Kaitlyn’s attack, and the Diva’s Champion was left in the ring to sob. I still don’t think A.J. deserves the title. She doesn’t work as much as the other divas do, and when she does she’s always put in these Battle Royal’s that require little or no input from her. I understand that it makes for a great story, but it’s not so great if one superstar is working their way to stay on top and the other is just there because she’s good eye candy for the teen age group. I hope Kaitlyn retains. Otherwise A.J. and Dolph will be the new “Power Couple”. Great.

Curtis Axel def. Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett

Now that Fandango is out with a concussion, Curtis Axel was selected to take his spot. It looks as if Curtis is making his way up through the mid-card pretty quickly. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was given the title. If you followed WWE regularly from Wrestlemania 29 until now, you’ll know that Wade Barrett lost the Intercontinental title at Wrestlemania, only to regain it the following night on Raw. Awful decision making on WWE’s part. Unless they planned to give Axel the title in the first place, a move like a triple threat match for that title would be the only saving grace. Originally, Wade Barrett didn’t even want to compete in this match. After some goading from The Miz, they finally got underway. Both fighting styles were pretty evenly matched as Barrett and Axel utilized a brawling style. As the action spilled to the outside, The Miz was also there, so when Axel was shoved into him by Barrett, The Miz would get his revenge. He would wait until after the match, however. As Axel and Barrett went back into the ring, the young superstar Axel would catch Barrett on the ropes with his articulate Swinging  Neck Breaker for the win. Before Axel could celebrate, The Miz caught him from behind with a Skull-Crushing Finale.

Team Hell No and Randy Orton def. WWE Tag Team Champions The Shield

Smackdown opened up with Kane and Daniel Bryan still at odds with each other. They went on and on about how neither of them were the weak link. Moments later, Randy Orton came down to the ring to separate them before things boiled over.  Kane threatened to Choke slam Bryan, but Orton chimed in and said that if Kane did that, Orton would RKO him. The Shield appeared on the tron and went on to say that neither of them would beat The Shield. As match time came around, Daniel Bryan got off to a hot start with his barrage of kicks, missile dropkicks and submission holds. Orton utilized his usual forum of European Uppercuts and clotheslines mixed in with a Backbreaker here and there. Kane was the power guy of the match, lifting his opponents for moves such as the vertical suplex. He also utilized the dropkick on a seated opponent. As for The Shield, Ambrose matched Bryan with his own style of technical offense, wearing him down with many strikes and submission holds. Seth Rollins has now been known as the high-flying speed demon of the group, and Roman Reigns is the power man. Through out the match there wasn’t really a clear momentum holder. When it looked like Orton and Team Hell No was in control, The Shield struck back. Such was the case when Orton tried to do a double rope-hung DDT on Ambrose and Rollins, but  they escaped. All 6 men entered the ring and all hell broke loose. After Kane and Orton cleared Ambrose and Reigns from the ring, Rollins went to the top rope to fly, but he fell into Randy Orton’s RKO and then was quickly placed in the No! Lock by Daniel Bryan. Rollins had no choice but to tap out. And so The Shield was handed their first loss by Goatface. I have a feeling that all of The Shield members will retain their titles. With rumors running rampant about Orton finally turning Heel, who knows what’s in store?

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Have Goat, Will Rage

SmackTalk! With Rick Foley

Hello again Ladies and Gentleman and welcome to another edition of SmackTalk! As was last weeks edition, this week will also be a little bit different. Joining me on commentary is my good friend Jennifer. Matches for the evening included:

  1. Kane versus WWE Tag Team Champion Seth Rollins
  2. WWE Tag Team Champion Roman Reigns versus Daniel Bryan
  3. Curtis Axel versus Sin Cara
  4. Big E Langston versus Alberto Del Rio
  5. Ryback versus Kofi Kingston
  6. Chris Jericho versus Cody Rhodes
  7. Randy Orton versus United States Champion Dean Ambrose

Kane def. WWE Tag Team Champion Seth Rollins

 Since Team Hell No failed to regain their Tag Team Championships on Monday Night Raw,  they engaged in singles competition with the New Tag Team Champions with Kane going to battle with Seth Rollins. What I liked about the opening is that there was no talking, the show was kicked off with a match instead. While I was intently focused on how Seth Rollins targeted Kane’s left leg, my broadcast colleague insisted on paying attention to how nice Rollins’ legs were. She further stated that her lover, Dean Ambrose had nicer legs. After hitting a stalling suplex, Kane went for a rear naked choke, but Rollins was able to escape, continuing his assault on Kane’s left leg.  Kane was able to come back by using Rollins own momentum against him as he body slammed Rollins to the mat. As the action spilled into the corner, Kane and Rollins jockeyed for position, and Kane ultimately won that battle, following it up with his patented Flying Clothesline. Before Kane could capitalize, Roman Reigns appeared on the apron to distract Kane. This set Rollins up to sneak attack Kane with a kick just as he turned around. As Rollins went to the top rope to do some more damage, Daniel Bryan pushed him down from the turnbuckle and Kane picked up the victory with a thunderous chokeslam.

WWE Tag Team Champion Roman Reigns def. Daniel Bryan via Disqualification

  Almost immediately following the battle between Kane and Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan entered the ring to begin their war. As you can guess, Daniel Bryan’s offense was a barrage of kicks against the bigger man in Roman Reigns. Reigns used his strength to keep Bryan at bay, but at one point in the match Bryan looked to be unstoppable. He even put Roman Reigns in a Figure Four Leg Lock hold and began to rain down on him with nasty elbow strikes. My broadcast colleague Jennifer has a penchant for bearded men. As Bryan laid down his assault, she said “Goat face, I don’t think that name really fits Bryan very well. it should be sexy face.” Sexy face or Goat face, it was not enough to keep The Shield from scheming their way to a victory. After rolling through a crucifix pin attempt, Roman Reigns found himself in Daniel Bryan’s “No!” Lock. He clawed and scratched his way to the ropes, and as the referee had his back turned, Rollins pushed the rope towards Reigns so that Bryan would half to break the hold. Kane rushed over to Rollins and knocked him down and then Reigns had struck Kane in the face. Kane responded by throat chopping Reigns. This effectively ended the match and now The Shield were tied 1-1 on the night. Kane and Daniel Bryan argued as they left the ring.

Sheamus takes Damien Sandow’s Thimblerig Challenge

For another week, Damien Sandow’s games with the Celtic Warrior Sheamus continued. This time Sheamus was asked to find a ball that was hidden underneath three cups. Sandow would place the ball under one of the cups and switch them around…or so it seemed. As Sandow explained the rules, he demeaned the crowd. After he attempted to find the ball that was hidden under the cups, Sheamus had asked Sandow to remove his hand from the third cup to prove that he was cheating. When he had finally convinced Sandow to remove his hand, it was discovered that he was in fact lying. Sheamus responded with a rhyme: “Look here at Damien Sandow, so proud and so quick. A perfect target for a Brogue Kick.”  After which,  Sheamus delivered said Brogue Kick and in mocking fashion he said “You’re Welcome.” My broadcast colleague Jennifer chimed in about the various Sonic Shake references as well as her interest, and I quote “I wonder if Sandow would like to try my sonic shake. I’d like to play Damien Sandow’s tiny ball game.” Yes Ladies and Gentlemen, we are very colorful at the Blogkill.

Curtis Axel def. Sin Cara

For the second week in a row, Sin Cara faced off against Pay Heyman’s newest client, Curtis Axel. Although Sin Cara started off with a series of arm drags and kicks to Axel’s body, it ended shortly after with Axel elbowing Sin Cara in the back of his skull and putting him away with the Perfect Plex. When asked for her opinion on Axel, she didn’t say much except that Axel needed to work on his beard.

Big E Langston def. Alberto Del Rio

Before this match got started, Jennifer and I took the time to demean the value of A.J., saying that she has the frame of a 12 year old girl and isn’t that appealing. The action started with a waist-lock from Big E Langston to Alberto Del Rio, which led to a spot in the corner where Del Rio tried to fight back. After a few minutes, Big E went in for a Belly-To-Belly suplex and then pulled down his straps, signifying the end for Del Rio. Del Rio was able to reverse and hit the Back Stabber instead, but when he went for the Inziguri, he missed. As Del Rio went for a German Suplex, Jennifer shouted “He’s in the wrong country. THIS IS AMERICA GET ZEB COULTER OUT HERE.” Del Rio snapped on the Cross Arm breaker as he hung onto the ropes, but had to break the hold before the count of 5 so that he would not be disqualified. After he released, A.J. raked Del Rio’s eyes and this led Big E to drop the #1 Contender for the World Heavyweight Championship with the Big Ending, and the victory.

Ryback def. Kofi Kingston

Ryback was as hungry as ever in his hunt for the WWE Championship, so before he would destroy Kofi Kingston, he would look under the ring for what turned out to be tables later. When I was wondering what he was looking for, Jennifer responded with “He’s looking for Randy Orton’s lines.” Though Kofi Kingston got off to a hot start, using his usual offense of high-flying moves and kicks, it was all over with a Meathook Clothesline. Ryback then ended the match by Shellshocking Kofi for the win. He wasn’t finished with Kingston though. He went back under the ring and pulled three tables out from under it. (Jennifer: Table, meaning Randy’s lines, and A.J’s talent.) He used the tables to Powerbomb Kingston right through them. Sending a message to John Cena in the process.

Chris Jericho def. Cody Rhodes

This match began with the traditional collar and elbow tie-up that led into a waist lock and a drop kick from Chris Jericho to Cody Rhodes. When I pointed out that Jericho’s chest was a bit droopy, Jennifer responded by saying that it comes with age, to which I said “He’ll be like Ric Flair in no time.”  The action spilled back into the ring and Rhodes stomped on Jericho’s chest, but he was able to get back up and the two men traded chops, but Rhodes gained the upper hand after he had booted Jericho in his midsection. Jericho was able to fight back and deliver a few shoulder tackles, but when he went for the Walls of Jericho, Rhodes fought out. Rhodes went on to drop Jericho with an Alabama Slam, but Jericho kicked out. After Jericho kicked out, Rhodes attempted to go for the Disaster Kick but Jericho dodged and got Rhodes into the Walls of Jericho successfully, scoring the submission victory.

Randy Orton def. United States Champion Dean Ambrose via Disqualification

For the Main Event of the evening, we saw The Viper Randy Orton face the freshly-crowned United States Champion and recognized Shield Leader Dean Ambrose clash in a match that showed similarities between these two wrestlers. Jennifer could hardly contain herself, saying “Dean Ambrose can stare me down any day. He should be wearing less clothes. Preferably none. MR. MOXLEY! I’M TALKING TO YOU. DON’T IGNORE ME!” All of this as the two men exchanged menacing looks. The two men locked up, and Ambrose seized control by getting Orton into the corner. Ambrose proceeded to to run Orton’s head across the ring ropes, but Orton fought back with a clothesline as well as a series of punches and a vertical suplex. Back into the corner they went, with Ambrose getting in some shoulder barges and fists. The action spilled to the outside after Orton had shot back with a Thesz Press. Orton clotheslined Ambrose a few times and dropped him on the barricade, Back-first. Ambrose responded by running Orton into the steel steps. The action eventually spilled back into the ring and Ambrose was stomping on Orton’s body, just as he had done to so many people in the past. Ambrose also took the time to talk to Orton as he stomped away. Orton came back with a series of European Uppercuts and a backdrop suplex. The two men traded fists and even headbutts, and Orton seized control with a Powerslam. As Orton attempts a Rope-hung DDT, Ambrose slips out and goes to the top rope for an aerial assault, but Orton catches him with a dropkick and capitalizes with a rope-hunt DDT. As Ambrose escapes his fate, The Shield descends on the ring and begin to assault Orton. But he is not alone. Kane and Daniel Bryan rushed down to the ring and saved Orton. But most of the credit should be awarded to Daniel Bryan, as he cleared the ring with his series of missile dropkicks, Bryan flew to the outside to crush The Shield further. Smackdown went off the air with Orton, Kane and Daniel Bryan celebrating their accomplishment.

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Wardrum: Desolation Review

Hailing from Greece, Wardrum are another band who really should have made my recent NWOTHM article. Unfortunately they have only just come to my attention in the last couple of weeks. But thank God they have! Wardrum are one of those bands who have absolutely everything. Their second album ‘Desolation’ (their first with new singer Yannis Papadopoulos) is a stunning example.
Essentially a traditional metal band, they also manage to effortlessly weave progressive and power influences throughout their music.
Everything about this album oozes awesome. Stergios Kourou is the Wardrum machine behind the sticks and his drum work is something to behold. A very interesting sticksman indeed. Incredible fills and passion. On guitar we have Kosta ‘The Greek God’ Vreto!
This guy is so good i’m surprised his fretboard doesn’t burst into flames while he’s playing! The bass guitars are provided by Kostas Scandalis. Now anyone who can keep up with a guitar player like Kosta gets a thumbs up from me! If Kosta is the lightning, Kostas is definitely the thunder! Completing the line up we have Yannis Papadopoulos. This dude is very, very special and the icing on the cake for Wardrum. His power and range are a match for anybody. I’m under no illusions here. Yannis is one of the best vocalists out there right now and he’s only 21 years old!
‘Desolation’ is a fantastic showcase of Wardrums abilities. It’s an outstanding collection of songs, all killer and certainly no filler!
The songs ‘F.A.I.T.H’, ‘Rainy Day’ and ‘Sign Of Treason’ are my stand out tracks but i think ‘Desolation’ will appeal to all fans of Crimson Glory, Symphony X, Lost Horizon, Helloween and traditional heavy metal in general.
Phenomenal band, phenomenal album! Buy it now!!!
5 stars

The Shield’s Warpath Continues

SmackTalk! With Rick Foley

Welcome to another edition of SmackTalk! Since it has been a little bit before the last article, I will summarize events and bring you up to date as the article goes on. Matches for the evening included:

  1. The Miz versus Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett
  2. Daniel Bryan versus Jack Swagger
  3. Big Show versus Chris Jericho 
  4. Curtis Axel versus Sin Cara
  5. The Shield versus Randy Orton, Sheamus and Kofi Kingston

The Miz def. Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett via Disqualification

Friday Night Smackdown was kicked off with Miz TV and his two guests Fandango and Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett. This past Monday on Raw, The Miz and Chris Jericho would team up to face Barrett and Fandango. In the closing moments of the match, Fandango would leave Barrett on his own to be defeated by Jericho and Miz as he danced at ringside. Barrett was not pleased with this, so when he appeared on Miz TV, he made no attempts to be friendly. Following their confrontation during the segment, Barrett and The Miz faced off.   Though Miz seemed to be able to match Barrett’s striking power with his own, Fandango would make sure that Miz would not win. As Miz gained momentum, Fandango’s music played and he danced with Summer Rae as Barrett and Miz battled in the ring. After escaping Winds of Change, Miz launched his feet right into Fandango on the outside. In response, Fandango kicked Miz in the face after Barrett had wiggled out of the Figure Four Leg Lock attempt, bringing the match to an end. After the bell rang, Fandango and Barrett assaulted Miz some more , but when Fandango had his back turned Barrett greeted him with the Bullhammer Elbow. I thought this match was alright. There’s a picture somewhere that depicts The Shield as WWE and Tag Champs and Fandango as Intercontinental Champion, so I think it would be pretty funny to see Fandango as Intercontinental Champion in the following weeks. 

Daniel Bryan def. Jack Swagger

Still very upset about losing their Tag team titles to Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns at Extreme Rules, Daniel Bryan made it a point that he was not the weakest link of Team Hell No. Though Swagger tried to get some offense in on Bryan, he would not withstand the fury of Goatface. Daniel Bryan picked Jack Swagger apart with a series of kicks and even leaping through the ropes and crashing into Swagger at one point. Not long after, Bryan was able to successfully apply the “No!” Lock for the submission victory. After the bell rang, Bryan was still furious about his lost titles, and so he secured the “No!” Lock yet again but Kane and the referee separated him from Swagger before anymore damage could be done. From the looks of how this is being carried out, it seems that Swagger is out of the title loop again after so quickly being thrust into it after his return at Elimination Chamber. Personally I feel that a rekindled feud between Dolph Ziggler and Swagger would be nice. They’ve got a history and it just makes so much sense. But, we’re talking about WWE Logic here right? Haha

Damien Sandow issues a Gordian Knot challenge to Sheamus

After going on a tirade about how he had seen Sheamus and Mark Henry compete in these silly contests with ropes and massive tractor trailers, Damien Sandow extended his own challenge toward Sheamus. It was in the form of a Gordian knot. As you can imagine, this object was impossible to untie. As Sheamus struggled with it, he handed it back to Sandow who cleverly cut the knot with scissors. After insulting Sheamus for not having the foresight to use the scissors in the first place,  Sheamus attempted to get revenge by Brogue Kicking Sandow, but the Intellectual Savior of the Masses escaped in time. So Sheamus used Matt Striker as his weapon, as Striker was thrust into Sandow on the outside of the ring. Though it looks like a feud is reigniting between Sheamus and Sandow, what if Damien Sandow is potentially a fourth member for The Shield? To me it makes perfect sense because Sheamus, Randy Orton and a third Face are always fighting The Shield, and it looks as though Sheamus and Sandow aren’t quite finished with each other. It would sure be a helluva shocker.

Chris Jericho def. Big Show via Count-Out

Instead of the usual forum of describing every single move to you in boring fashion, I want to focus a little bit more on the longevity of  the careers of under-utilized talent when you have veterans like Chris Jericho and Big Shoe around. Of course you know that Jericho was going to win this match, that goes without saying. But anyway, Jericho recently returned to the ring to put Fandango over at Wrestlemania, and Big Show has been slowly walking his way out of the World Heavyweight Championship scene, having tried to fend off The Shield but ultimately failing and disbanding his union with Sheamus and Randy Orton. Now, don’t get me wrong. I do like to see these guys hang around because they were around when I was watching wrestling as a little kid. They can still run with the younger talent, but the younger talent is also being weighed down by veteran wrestlers like them. Guys like JTG, Yoshi Tatsu and so on haven’t been seen on Raw or Smackdown in ages. While we have matches featuring two older stars, it’s still says that these two can draw bigger than the three I mentioned earlier. To the other superstar’s point though, they might not be ready to come up to the main roster just yet. As some superstars have “It” and others do not. Good things have come from the developmental territory NXT in the form of Big E Langston, as well as Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns, other wise known as The Shield. Now that The Shield have claimed most of the gold WWE has to offer, this can only mean good things for other superstars who get called up to the main roster. Hopefully there will be less clout in the locker room of superstars who once had a push and suddenly lost it one day.

Curtis Axel def. Sin Cara

Paul Heyman’s newest client Curtis Axel (Michael McGuilicutty)  was revealed to the world on Monday Night Raw, where he defeated a disoriented Triple  H, who had battled Brock Lesnar the night before. Of course it was no surprise that Axel had no trouble at all with putting away Sin Cara, but to be honest I am not impressed with Axel just yet. There was speculation around the professional wrestling world that it might have been Rob Van Dam, but only a handful of people believed it. As I have done with The Shield, I am going to wait to pass judgment on Paul Heyman’s latest project. All newcomers get a squash match that doesn’t really showcase their true talent , so we will have to see in the next few weeks. 

The Shield def. Sheamus, Randy Orton and Kofi Kingston

This match was originally slated to be Kofi Kingston’s rematch for the United States title, but Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns cut that short and all three men assaulted Kofi Kingston until Randy Orton and Sheamus came to Kingston’s aid. I won’t bullshit you here and tell you I remember the entire match either, because I don’t. What I will say is that The Shield’s rise to the top is very impressive, though the only member of The Shield we have seen in singles competition is Dean Ambrose. Roman Reigns is obviously a power guy, whereas Seth Rollins is quick and can fly when he wants to. Together they’re a pack of Rabid Wolverines. Reigns cousin The Rock says that he believes Reigns will be WWE Champion someday. I hope I get to see it. While group effort is huge, singularity is also important. Though I guess that could also go hand in hand with grooming talent in developmental territories. While the three young stars are together, they can teach and learn from each other until the time comes that they disband. In usual Shield fashion, the match came to an end in a rather quick manner with Sheamus gaining the upper hand on Dean Ambrose, but Reigns making the save with a nasty spear. After Sheamus tagged in Kingston, Ambrose tripped him up and sealed the victory with a reverse S.T.O.

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Ryback Rules….What?

SmackTalk! With Rick Foley

Hello again everyone and welcome to another edition of SmackTalk! As the clock winds down and we get closer to Extreme Rules, tensions have built even higher. In the Main Event of the evening, we saw the number one contender for the WWE Championship, Ryback, take on Chris Jericho after they kicked the show off to a rocky start. Other matches for the evening included:

  1. United States Champion Kofi Kingston versus Cody Rhodes
  2. Big E Langston versus Jack Swagger
  3. Dean Ambrose versus WWE Tag Team Champion Daniel Bryan
  4. Big Show versus Tensai

United States Champion Kofi Kingston def. Cody Rhodes

It was really hard for me to enjoy this match. Personally I felt that it went way too fast. You had the high-flying offense of Kofi Kingston up against a more technical-yet aggressive side from Cody Rhodes. After losing to The Shield Monday on Raw, Kofi made it a mission to lengthen his win streak. Back and forth they went, counter after counter, though Rhodes dominated most of the match from the start. As the two struggled for control of the match, Kofi was able to get back into the match after escaping a unique arm lock and bringing his hands across Rhodes’ chest, knocking him down. Kofi then turned the tide to his favor again by hitting Rhodes with a flying cross body, but Rhodes rolled through only getting a 2 count. Afterward the two men attempted to finish the match with their finishing maneuvers. Kofi missed with the S.O.S. and dodged out of Cody Rhodes Cross Rhodes to finish Cody off with Trouble in Paradise as Rhodes was going for the Disaster Kick.

Big E Langston versus Jack Swagger ends in a No-Contest

When the new broadcast colleague Rene Young requested an interview with Zeb Coulter and Jack Swagger, Coulter said that Young shouldn’t ask any questions, but just listen. Coulter said that Ziggler had questionable morals and that Del Rio had experience with ladders, referring to their Triple Threat Ladder match. After taking a few minutes to degrade Swagger’s opponents at Extreme Rules, Swagger and Coulter would head to the ring for Swagger’s match against Big E Langston. But the match would never officially get underway. Alberto Del Rio was on commentary and before Swagger and Langston could even lock up, Del Rio reached under the ring for a ladder, and he tossed it into the ring. After Ziggler was knocked to the outside, Langston and Swagger battled for the ladder. Coulter tried to hit Langston in the back, but it would do nothing but anger Langston. Swagger used the opportunity to ram the ladder into Langston’s midsection. After Langston had been disposed, Ziggler dropkicked the ladder into Swagger’s face, sending him to the outside as well. After Side Kicking Ziggler and driving the ladder into his face, Del Rio rammed the ladder into Jack Swagger. Alberto Del Rio finished by re-entering the ring with the ladder and taking Ziggler’s World Heavyweight Championship, and celebrating.

Dean Ambrose def. WWE Tag Team Champion Daniel Bryan via Disqualification

Daniel Bryan was not happy after he had been assaulted by The Shield for the past few weeks, so when the bell rung, Bryan was all over Ambrose with flying knees and a barrage of kicks in the corner. This was really the core of Bryan’s offense. Striking Ambrose with those quick feet. When Ambrose tried to escape to the outside, Bryan flew through the ropes and crashed into him. During the break Ambrose seized control again and started to soften up Bryan’s back by driving his knee into Bryan’s back and pulling back his arms. Ambrose continued his technical assault by driving his knee into Bryan’s back again and this time twisting Bryan’s neck. Just as Ambrose was about to ram his shoulder into Bryan as he was posted in the corner, Bryan moved and responded with a missile drop kick to Ambrose’ face. Bryan continued his assault of kicks and another dropkick to Ambrose. Soon after, Ambrose seized control again but Daniel Bryan would reverse an arm lock and slap on the “NO! Lock” but the referee was distracted when Rollins attempted to help Ambrose, but he was stopped by Kane. Reigns went to the other side of the ring and kicked Daniel Bryan in the head. But before a victory could even be fairly decided, Kofi Kingston ran into the ring and attacked Ambrose.

Mark Henry breaks World Record

Before he meets Sheamus in a Strap match at Extreme Rules, The World’s Strongest Man Mark Henry broke a world record by dragging not one, but two tractor trailers for a combined weight of 110 thousand pounds. Before he pulled off this impressive feat, he said that just as he would drag those trailers across the street, he would drag Sheamus across the ring to reach all four corners.

Big Show def. Tensai


Before this match was started, Randy Orton was asked how he felt about Big Show’s sneak attacks. Orton responded saying that he had been attacked twice now by Big Show and that his bite was going to be twice as venomous at Extreme Rules. Though Tensai had a great start to this match by getting Big Show in the corner and headbutting him, one fist was all the giant needed to seal the deal. Tensai was out like  a light! After the match ended, Brodus Clay tended to his partner, but Big Show was not finished. After putting the Funkasaurus down, Big Show set up for the Knockout Punch, but instead he was greeted with an RKO from Randy Orton.

A.J. insults Kaitlyn; Khali goes undercover     

While Kaitlyn was still trying to find out who her secret admirer was, she bumped into A.J. who said that Kaitlyn had “man arms”, Kaitlyn responded by saying that A.J. looked like a 12 year old girl with soulless eyes. After A.J. left, Khali appeared wearing a Rey Mysterio mask and then later on wearing a fake mustache to resemble Cody Rhodes.

Chris Jericho def. Ryback via Disqualification

This match was made by Teddy Long after Smackdown opened with Jericho’s Highlight Reel. Jericho tried to convince Ryback that beating a one-legged champion is no feat of strength. Ryback played off of the fact that his hatred still burned for John Cena because while Cena was chasing the WWE Championship, Ryback faced The Shield alone. After Jericho and Ryback exchanged more heated words, Ryback struck Jericho. The match opened with a shoving contest between the two, with Ryback obviously standing tall in that ordeal, but Jericho would come back with forearms to Ryback’s face. As control shifted back and forth, Ryback’s offense changed from the power game to more of a technical style as he went for a rear naked choke on Jericho. Though Jericho sent Ryback out of the ring with a dropkick, Ryback quickly regained control and softened up Jericho’s midsection by stomping on it with his foot and putting pressure on Jericho’s chest. After Ryback dropped Jericho with a Spinebuster, he began to chant his own name, mocking the crowd, as he craned the neck of Chris Jericho. Every time Jericho tried to mount some offense, Ryback was there to knock him down. At one point towards the end of the match, Ryback dropped Jericho with that unique Powerbomb he had used in the past. After delivering a nasty Meathook Clothesline, Ryback looked to finish Jericho off with Shellshock but Jericho slipped out and caught Ryback in the Walls of Jericho. With his impressive strength, Ryback was able to reach the ropes and break the hold. As Ryback got to his feet, Jericho hit Ryback with a Codebreaker, sending him to the outside. As Jericho pursued him, Ryback shoved him into the barrier and then picked him up and slammed him groin-first into the steel post, Jericho scoring the Disqualification victory.  

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Kane attempts to shatter The Shield

SmackTalk! With Rick Foley

Hello again Ladies and Gentlemen and welcome to another edition of SmackTalk! As always, I am your host for this blog, and this week Kane was the one to seek vengeance on Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns. Otherwise known as The Shield. Friday night, The Big Red Monster would face Dean Ambrose in the main event. Other matches for the evening included:

  1. Ryback versus WWE Tag Team Champion Daniel Bryan
  2. Fandango versus Zack Ryder
  3. Alberto Del Rio and Ricardo Rodriguez versus Jack Swagger, Zeb Coulter, Dolph ZIggler and Big E Langston in a Triple Threat Tag Team Match
  4. Randy Orton versus Damien Sandow
  5. Sheamus versus Mark Henry in an Arm Wrestling contest

Ryback def. WWE Tag Team Champion Daniel Bryan

Before this match got underway, Ryback explained why he did not help John Cena on Monday during Raw. Ryback said that WWE is a jungle, and only the strongest survive. He ended his explanation with his new catchphrase “Ryback Rules.” For the most part, this match consisted of Daniel Bryan being thrown out of the ring, or having his head slammed into the mat whether it was done manually or having been done through those unique Power bombs. Bryan’s offense was focused on softening up Ryback’s leg, as he was the bigger opponent so it was needed to cut him down to size. Other than that, Bryan would take to the sky to try and bring the beast down, launching his feet into Ryback’s massive chest. The match came to an awkward finish when Ryback took down Bryan with a Meathook Clothesline, setting up the Shellshock and the 3-count victory.

Fandango def Zack Ryder

Zack Ryder’s new look seemed to have given him an extra amount of strength and agility, Fandango was just one step quicker. Zack Ryder started off very quickly, striking Fandango with his fists and often catching him with dropkicks. He even got off the Broski Boot. But when Ryder was setting up for the Rough Ryder to finish Fandango off, Fandango dodged and sent Ryder into the ropes and in turn, Fandango was able to execute that Swinging Reverse S.T.O that he has become so fond of. He then ascended the ropes to end his night with Ryder by dropping his leg across Ryder’s throat. In Fandango’s usual fashion, he grabbed a microphone from his dance partner Summer Rae and exclaimed his name: FAHN DAHN GOO!!

The Great Khali offers some advice

WWE Divas Champion Kaitlyn received another gift of affection from her secret admirer in the form of a bouquet of Roses and a note saying that he would soon reveal himself to her. When Kaitlyn showed Natalya about the gift and the note, Natalya suggested that she ask Khali for advice. Through broken English, Khali said that Kaitlyn should take deep breaths.

Alberto Del Rio and Ricardo Rodriguez def. World Heavyweight Champion Dolph Ziggler, Big E Langston, Jack Swagger and Zeb Coulter in a Triple Threat Tag Team Match

This match was originally slated to be Alberto Del Rio and Ricardo Rodriguez versus Jack Swagger and Zeb Coulter, but just a few minutes into the bout, Ziggler, who was sitting at ringside, interfered with the match. This caused Teddy Long to create the Triple Threat Tag Team Match. It was a very interesting one at that. Ricardo was still very happy that he had beaten Zeb Coulter on Raw, and so he was not nervous like Coulter. Unlike a formal match with tie ups and the usual holds, Coulter and Rodriguez took turns striking each other with their fists, and often grabbing each other’s hair, whether it was facial or head hair. When Ziggler or Del Rio were in the ring, they resorted to using their feet and quickness as an attack. Big E would be the one to utilize a corner game and repeatedly bring his shoulder to Alberto Del Rio’s midsection to weaken him. Towards the end of the match, the two legal combatants were once again Ziggler and Del Rio, and Del Rio would secure a victory by using the Cross Arm Breaker on Ziggler after the ring had been cleared of Swagger and Langston.

Randy Orton def. Damien Sandow; Big Show issues a challenge to Orton at Extreme Rules

The Viper Randy Orton went head-to-head with The Intellectual Savior of The Masses, Damien Sandow in a match that felt like it ended way too quickly. Both superstars gave their all, Sandow showing his aggressive side as always, and Orton being cold and calculating as  usual. Damien looked like he had the match in his hands, even executing Cubito Aequet (Elbow of Disdain) twice. But Orton would counter back like magic, hitting Sandow with European Uppercuts and the Power slam into the Rope-hung DDT. The match ended with Orton executing an RKO, sending Sandow crashing down to the mat. Orton would not be granted a celebration for long, however. Big Show made his way toward the ring saying that Orton’s ego was the reason Big Show, Orton and Sheamus lost at Wrestlemania. While Orton hand his back turned, Damien Sandow took the opportunity to execute his finishing maneuver Terminus.

Sheamus versus Mark Henry in an Arm Wrestling contest ends in a No-Contest

Yet again Mark Henry and Sheamus competed in a test of Strength. This time the two men would do battle in an Arm Wrestling contest. Henry took his time before locking up with Sheamus, taking time to stretch and even pull his shirt off. After Henry was finally ready, the contest began. At first, they were evenly matched, but you aren’t called “The World’s Strongest Man” for nothing. Mark Henry too Sheamus’ arm down to the pad with pure strength. Sheamus then requested a rematch, but this time using his left arm. Henry refused at first, but when Sheamus questioned his manhood, Henry quickly agreed. As Sheamus and Henry locked up for a second time, Sheamus shook the table and then seconds after the contest began again, Sheamus let go and tricked Henry again. Sheamus would then hit Henry with a Brogue Kick, sending him flying. 

Dean Ambrose def. WWE Tag Team Champion Kane

Kane was on a mission to eviscerate Dean Ambrose and The Shield after they had ambushed his half-brother The Undertaker. Fuel would be added to Kane’s fire after he had learned his WWE Tag Team Championship partner Daniel Bryan had been assaulted by them. At the start of the match, Kane made sure that Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins were unable to interfere with his match by stepping out before the bell rang and sending each one into the barricade. Kane would continue his onslaught inside of the ring when he turned his attention back to Dean Ambrose. His agility and knowledge to take out Kane’s legs was what saved him. As well as the numbers game. Just when Kane was about to Tombstone Ambrose, Rollins and Reigns stepped onto the apron to get Kane’s attention. This distraction led to Ambrose picking up the win by using a Modified Headlock Snapmare. The Shield entered the ring, and though Kane nearly fought them off, they were too much to handle. Kane’s body was put atop Reigns shoulders and he was driven into the mat. Afterward, the Tag Team Titles were retrieved (one already in the possession of The Shield) and Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins stood over the body of Kane with the titles raised in the air as Smackdown faded to black.

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The Deadman Returns

SmackTalk! With Rick Foley

For the first time in three years, The Undertaker returned to the blue brand to face The Shield’s Dean Ambrose one-on-one in the main event. This was the result of The Shield’s lack of respect towards The Undertaker after he had defeated CM Punk at Wrestlemania. Every other match was pretty much mediocre compared to the main event, however I assume it is always supposed to be that way. Other matches for the evening included:

  1. Jack Swagger versus Alberto Del Rio in a No Disqualification match
  2. Layla versus Aksana
  3. Fandango versus Justin Gabriel
  4. Big Show versus Sheamus
  5. Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett versus William Regal
  6. Mark Henry versus Randy Orton

Jack Swagger def. Alberto Del Rio

Before they go to war with Dolph Ziggler for the World Heavyweight Championship at Extreme Rules, Alberto Del Rio and Jack Swagger faced off in a No Disqualification match that was nothing short of brutal. Not only did these two utilize their unique styles, but they also used weapons. Swagger was the first to strike with a kendo stick, targeting the legs and midsection of Del Rio. But later on Del Rio would use the stick to strike Swagger on his back as Swagger hung on the ropes. This match would take place both in and out of the ring. At one point, Del Rio dropped Swagger on the stage with a vertical Suplex. As the action spilled back into the ring, Zeb Coulter proved to be very beneficial. Just as Del Rio was locking in the Cross Arm Breaker, Coulter handed him the kendo stick and Swagger was able to escape by repeatedly hitting Del Rio with the stick. Swagger then used the ladder that Del Rio had brought in the ring earlier and used it as a battering ram. He then finished Del Rio off with the Gutwrench Powerbomb.

Layla def. Aksana

As you may have guessed, this match was not as entertaining as it may have seemed. It was very traditional as far as a match format would go. Aksana played the part of the crazy heel that took time to admire her work, while Layla was very serious but would also take time to enjoy her work. This would cost Aksana the match, because even though she took time to attack certain parts of Layla’s body, she was not quick enough. Layla would win the match by catching her as she came off of the ropes and pinning her shoulders to the mat, making it impossible for Aksana to maneuver out of it.

Fandango def. Justin Gabriel

For the longest time, Justin Gabriel has been making sporadic appearances, and this was one of them. Though he tried to fight off Fandango using his faced-paced offense, it wasn’t good enough to keep the dancer down. With a swift kick to Gabriel as he came from the top rope, that is all that Fandango needed to win. Fandango finished off Gabriel with a Russian Legsweep of sorts, at which point he climbed to the top rope and Fandangoed just like his fans, before he ascended into the air and dropped his leg across the throat of Gabriel.

Big Show def. Sheamus

Although we have seen this match plenty of times before, it is always an amazing spectacle to watch. Big Show started off the match by shoving Sheamus across the ring. Big Show would mock Sheamus by using his own patented move against him when Show tied Sheamus into the ropes and repeatedly brought his massive hands down on Sheamus’ chest, leaving a red mark. The two would spend more time trading body shots than submission holds all while Sheamus rebounded off of the ropes and caught Big Show with massive forearms to his face. The match looked as if things would be going in Sheamus’ favor, as he even lifted Big Show off the ground and executed White Noise. But as Sheamus went to the top rope, Mark Henry appeared and distracted Sheamus  long enough for Big Show to put him down with a jaw-breaking Knock Out Punch. It did not look like there was any pull in that punch. It was shown five times in a row, so that has to mean something right?

Wade Barrett def. William Regal

The Intercontinental Champion issued a challenge to the ring veteran William Regal by insulting him. Barrett stated that some of the catacombs were empty and William Regal was the one who would fill that spot, saying that he would send Regal back to “Whence he came.”  Regal isn’t one to back down from a challenge. What I assumed was going to be a good match between two fighters, was not at all. Within seconds of the bell, Regal was all over Barrett, getting him in the corner with knees to Barrett’s midsection. But when he was forced to stop his assault, the tide turned. Barrett would take the opportunity to Mule kick Regal after he had dodged the Bullhammer Elbow the first time. But as Regal was about to hit Barrett with a Knee lift, Barrett dodged and connected the Bullhammer Elbow, sending Regal back to “Whence he came.”

Mark Henry def. Randy Orton by Disqualification

 This match was much like Sheamus’ bout with Big Show. The only difference being that Orton wasn’t doing any heavy lifting except for when he executed his rope-hung DDT. For most of the fight, it was very much a test of strength between the two. Henry and Orton both tried to knock each other to the ground but Henry being the much stronger opponent, used that strength to slam Orton right into the steel ring post. As Henry eyed Orton as he rolled back into the ring, Sheamus appeared from behind and cost Orton the match when he hit Henry with a Brogue Kick for his interference in Sheamus’ match earlier that night. Orton capitalized by delivering an RKO to Henry, even though he had already lost the match.

The Undertaker def. Dean Ambrose; The Shield sends the Deadman through the Announcer’s table

As I said earlier, for the first time in three years, The Undertaker had returned to Smackdown to face Dean Ambrose for being so disrespectful as of late. Monday on Raw, The Undertaker competed alongside his half-brother Kane and Kane’s partner and WWE Tag Team Champion in a 6-Man Tag Team match. Although it was a losing effort on the part of The Brothers of Destruction, I think it was realistically so that Undertaker could help the WWE by eyeing this new talent. But that’s just a wild guess. Anyway, The Undertaker had Ambrose all to himself. While I still can’t quite figure his fighting style out, he appears to be more technical. The Undertaker would not be denied on this day though. He fought with the brawling style that we have become so accustomed to, but to his back he had to worry abut the other members of The Shield, as they would periodically step toward the ring to intimidate Undertaker. The Shield stated that it’s exactly what they would do too, saying that Undertaker may not have been defeated at Wrestlemania, but he would be defeated that night. Ambrose may have gotten the better of Undertaker after the match was over, but he wasted too much time taunting him DURING the match. After Ambrose had temporarily downed the Deadman, he used Undertaker’s symbolic throat slicing taunt to rub it in. The Undertaker used the opportunity wisely, grabbing a hold of Ambrose’ throat and nearly Choke Slamming him, but Ambrose would kick at Undertaker, buying himself a small amount of time. But the Phenom would not be denied this time, as he sent Ambrose down to the mat with a thunderous Choke slam. The numbers game finally caught up to Undertaker after that. While the referee was dealing with the other members of  The Shield, Ambrose kicked Undertaker in the groin and dropped him with a DDT. After unbelievably kicking out, The Undertaker quickly locked in Hell’s Gate for the submission victory. There was not much to celebrate however, because just seconds after the match had ended, The Shield entered the ring and assaulted The Undertaker. Though he fought them back for a little while, the battle from earlier before had already worn him out. After they had beaten The Undertaker down, he was placed upon the shoulders of Roman Reigns and sent crashing through the Announce’s table.

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